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News: Hospitals
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For Clients Sick or Not, Hospitals Serve as Safe Havens

One aspect of the hospital crisis is that city hospitals exist not just to treat illness, but to protect vulnerable people from violence, homelessness and other threats.

New York Braces for Private Investment in Hospitals

In a state where all hospitals are either public or non-profit, Gov. Cuomo's bid to permit private investment in health facilities stirs cheer among fans and fears among opponents of the for-profit hospital model.

Bronxites Confused On Status of Childbirth Services

North Central Bronx hospital gave little notice when it closed its labor & delivery service in August. Now there are signs the service may return, but community members haven’t been given a due date.

Brooklyn Hospitals Retool in Face of Cost Crisis

Quietly, three Brooklyn hospitals are revamping their operations to increase efficiency and reduce ER visits—hoping to avoid the fate that has befallen LICH and Interfaith.

Diagnosing Brooklyn's Hospital Crisis

Brooklyn hospitals are collapsing in a dog-eat-dog maelstrom of plunging Medicaid reimbursements, failed action plans and exhausting rounds of recriminations.

Interfaith Hospital Running Out of Cash as Merger Stalls

Struggling to stay afloat, Interfaith plots restructuring – and closure – while waiting for a lifeline from the state Department of Health.

Dueling Prescriptions for Brooklyn's Hospitals

The state wants to close and merge hospitals to shore up health-system finances. But front-line health providers say patients shouldn't pay the price for problems caused by government funding schemes.

D-Day for LICH Hospital

SUNY trustees are expected to vote Thursday to shutter Long Island College Hospital—the second Brooklyn medical facility pushed to the brink of collapse in the past three months.

Hospitals Face Pressure, Six in Brooklyn Could Close

With 15 hospital closings in the past decade, and six more in Brooklyn on shaky ground, New York's healthcare system is caught between balancing the budget and providing the medicine people need.

Consultants' Prescriptions for City Hospitals Get Closer Look

Facing a severe fiscal crisis, New York's public hospitals brought in a consultant for advice. But determining best practices for a one-of-a-kind charity healthcare system is a tricky operation.

As AIDS Threat Changes, Push For Housing Renews

Advocates, hoping Gov. Cuomo will back a cap on rent for people in AIDS housing, say research shows that shelter saves lives and reduces government expenditures.

Trauma Treatment: New York's Level 1 Centers

Not all New York City hospitals have trauma centers, although the 15 city hospitals that do have such centers all have Level 1 facilities.

Aftershock: Manhattan Hospitals Strained By Closure Of St. Vincent's

Nearly six months after the financially challenged St. Vincent's closed its doors, other emergency rooms are seeing more patients, more ambulance runs and longer wait times.

'Hothead' Sen. Kevin Parker Has Foes, Friends And A Familiar Rival

Kevin Parker is a regular tabloid target over angry outbursts and allegedly violent conduct. But allies cite his progressive record. His opponent, meanwhile, is making his ninth try at office.

Queens Race Defies Narrative Of Gay Rights, Reform

Coverage of the matchup between Sen. Shirley Huntley and Challenger Lynn Nunes revolves around gay rights. But hospital closings, foreclosures and flooding are the issues closer to the district.

Emergency Preparedness Goes Grassroots

Doctors, churches, businesses and other institutions in some community districts are working together to get prepared.

Welfare Agency Job Boom: Quantity, Not Quality

Defying a severe recession and slow recovery, New York's welfare department continues to find work for clients. But the jobs offer low wages and few benefits.

Latinos in NYC Embrace Census

Rather than play a high-stakes game around the U.S. Census in March, immigration activists in New York are poised to play a crucial role in the federal debate on immigration law reform.

Amid Homeless Surge,
Are Solutions In Sight?

With shelter numbers at record highs and Mayor Bloomberg's homeless strategy failing to meet its goals, city officials and advocates weigh in on how New York might respond.

Fewer Options For Moms
Seeking Natural Births

Midwives are protesting the shuttering of Manhattan's only natural birth center that served women on Medicaid.

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