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City Council

Bronx Council Newcomer Gibson Gets Key Post

Bronx Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson joined almost every borough colleague opposing Mark-Viverito for Council, but nonetheless was awarded control of the public safety committee.

Council Freshman Cohen Steers Clear of Progressive Caucus

While not ruling out joining the group, the new District 11 councilmember—and self-described progressive—says he plans to focus on bread-and-butter issues.

Council Newcomer Torres Wins Early Power

The youngest member of the city legislature was named chair of the public housing committee last week, just days after being arrested in an MLK-day act of civil disobedience.

Is the Bronx as Progressive as De Blasio Says?

The mayor lauds the borough's "progressive values," but the buzzword's application to Bronx politics is uneven at best—a fact that may complicate the mayor's ability to execute his agenda.

Bronx Pols Get Council Leadership Posts

Six committees will be led by members from the Bronx, including public safety and public housing.

Brooklyn Members Get Key Council Posts

Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito gave members from the borough control of 15 of the Council's 37 committees, including the powerful Land Use panel.

Cabrera Rallies Against Armory Plan

The councilman is trying to build pressure against the plan to turn the long-vacant Kingsbridge Armory into an ice sports center.

Vote, Donate, Complain: Some Brooklyn Nabes Stand Out

A report on civic engagement found that Borough Park's residents donate the most to charity, East Flatbush is tops when it comes to voting and East New York has 311 on speed dial.

City Spent $1M on Report, Used Questionable Data

A study that says a proposed city living wage law would kill 13,000 jobs based its analysis on a state subsidy program that wouldn't actually be covered by the city measure.

Living Wage Law The Next Council Battleground?

Following the defeat of paid sick leave, unions and business group prepare to face off over tying wages to city development subsidies.

Student Safety Act Passes City Council

Third time’s the charm for the bill, which requires detailed reporting on school crime, arrests, suspensions and expulsions.

City Council Endorses School Turnaround Zone

If adopted, the strategy would represent a significant departure from the DOE's current approach to struggling schools.

Council's Angry Over Housing,
But That Doesn't Pay The Rent

After receiving prized Section 8 vouchers, then losing them, about 1,000 ill-sheltered grantees are still without a housing plan.

Bronx Living Wage Battle
Moves To City Council

As the City Council takes up consideration of the Kingsbridge Armory redevelopment plan, the developer and local pols are locked in a dispute that could derail the project.

A Week At City Council

After the term limits vote and before the 2009 race heats up, the new issue of CLI takes a close look at the city's legislature.

Get Up, Stand Up: Council
Ranked On Human Rights

A new report looks well beyond potholes and street names to grade City Council members on their support for human rights.

Mayor, Council At Odds
Over Voucher Tenant Bill

The administration squares off against City Council on protecting Section 8 tenants.

Parents, Council Still
Angry About School Grades

Stakeholders vent, and the city's Chief Accountability Officer parries, at a hearing on the controversial new Progress Reports.


But the city holds its ground that the new program to combat homelessness is better than what it's replacing.


Advocates say new bill to prevent supermarket lock-ins is only as strong as its enforcement. Will the Fire Department step it up?

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The city council’s responsibility is to address problems faced by communities throughout the city. Sometimes they enact changes to better the city, sometimes they have to fight to make those changes a reality, and other times they are unsuccessful in fulfilling their duties.

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How Will Council Reforms Affect Progressives' Power? - Jarrett Murphy

The progressives who lifted Melissa Mark-Viverito into the speaker's chair have called for reforms to reduce the speaker's authority. What will that mean for the de Blasio agenda?



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The Art of Losing an Election

By Mark Winston Griffith

The Art of Losing an Election

Four years after coming close to upsetting an incumbent, what led a Brooklyn activist to stay on the sidelines? And what does that choice say about the risks and rewards of public life?

NYC Needs Paid Sick Days, Not Lame Excuses

By Apurva Mehrotra

NYC Needs Paid Sick Days, Not Lame Excuses

Thousands of New Yorkers face an impossible choice when they get sick: Go to work and get yourself and others sicker, or stay home and risk losing pay or your post.

Business Owner: Paid Sick Leave Bill Not Bad Medicine

By Maria de los Santos

Business Owner: Paid Sick Leave Bill Not Bad Medicine

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says she killed a bill requiring paid sick leave out of concern for small businesses. But at least one store owner says the idea would have been good for business.



Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.

The New Wage Movement

New York's lowest-paid public workers want a raise - and a hard-driving labor coalition intends to raise election year hell to get it.