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News: Nutrition
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/City Limits

Key Nutrition Program Hits Snags at Farmers' Markets

When the WIC program took steps to get more fresh produce into recipients' diets, the results were promising. But the initiative is being held back by administrative flaws and, yes, a political battle over white potatoes.

Bushwick Sweating Out its Battle vs. Obesity

Six years after a health department report identified the neighborhood as a hotspot for obesity and diabetes, it's easier to get healthy food. But it's still not easy to get a good workout.

Free Meal Sites in Brooklyn Struggle to Draw Kids

Participation has always been a problem for the summer meals program. This year the city and allied nonprofits are pushing to get more mouths to the table.

Five Brooklyn Pols Sue Over Sandy Food Stamps

They're asking a state judge to overturn the Bloomberg administration's decision to offer federal disaster food assistance in only 12 of the 82 ZIP codes affected by the hurricane.

Sandy Triggers a Call: Free Lunch For All

In the immediate post-hurricane period, the school system made all lunches free. Food advocates would like to see the change made permanent—arguing health benefits justify the cost.

Food Trucks Give Restaurateurs Indigestion

The proliferation of falafel carts and other sidewalk food stands in Bay Ridge might make for tasty lunch options. But people who own brick-and-mortar restaurants say the mobile eateries represent unfair competition.

Seeing Green at the City’s Farmers’ Markets

New York City boasts 138 farmers markets, and 58 news ones in the last six years. On a recent sunny Wednesday, a group of reporters from the CUNY Graduate School harvested scenes from the city’s outdoor supermarket.

Williamsburg: 'Normal families need food. This is ridiculous.'

Lunchtime, Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at the Southside Community Mission.

Crown Heights: 'For two weeks last month, we didn't have any food at all.'

Lunchtime, Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at the First Mary Magdalene Temple and Seventh Day Pentecostal Church.

NYC Food Pantries Going Green

Local Produce Link enables food pantries to get the same locally grown, farm fresh, and sometimes organic produce as posh Manhattan restaurants.

Farmers' Markets, CSAs Struggle To Get Food Stamp Customers

Innovative city programs have increased the number of low-income shoppers getting access to locally grown produce. But technology and upfront costs remain a barrier for many.

Super Marketing: Better
Food Choices May Be Ahead

New proposals for 'FoodStat' and possible zoning incentives could help bring healthier food to areas with limited access.

Build The Strong Bones
Of A City Food System

Federal stimulus money is providing food stamp recipients more money to spend - on french fries or fresh veggies?


Several points of progress in the spread of healthy food are amplified in an upcoming documentary.

Food, Food Everywhere
But Can't Afford To Buy

Now that nearly two out of five New Yorkers report trouble affording food, new city and nonprofit efforts to help are coming not a moment too soon.

New York City's food policy makes local restaurants offer readily available nutritional information. In recent years, Mayor Bloomberg has been a strong supporter of more nutritional options at restaurants, cafeterias, and schools to combat the nation's obesity crisis.

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Study: Green Carts—Those It Could Find—Are Working - Jarrett Murphy

A new study finds that the city's Green Carts are delivering fresh produce to low-income people in under-served neighborhoods and giving entrepreneurs a foothold in the marketplace. But many permitted Green Carts could not be located.

Public Advocate Sounds Call: School Lunch for All - Jarrett Murphy

Advocates hope to end the stigma around – and resulting lack of participation in – school lunch by making everyone eligible,

Deadline Looms for Food Stamp Families - Jarrett Murphy

Beyond the shutdown, and besides the debt-ceiling deadline, another date approaches for cuts to the Food Stamp program on which some 1.9 million New Yorkers depend.



Improving Neighborhood Nutrition Requires More Than Food

By Denise Scott & Rick Luftglass

Improving Neighborhood Nutrition Requires More Than Food

A new initiative will couple efforts to improve the supply of healthy food with community development that strengthens residents' ability to afford a more nutritious lifestyle.

Concerned About Hunger? Don't Just Donate. Lobby!

By Liz Accles, Kathy Goldman and Agnes Molnar

Concerned About Hunger? Don't Just Donate. Lobby!

It's that time of year again: The period when many of us make donations to help the hungry. This year, with food programs slashed and more reductions on the way, New Yorkers need to get more active in the fight against hunger.

Next Mayor Must Put Food Policy on the Menu

By Joel Berg

Next Mayor Must Put Food Policy on the Menu

From food stamps to food jobs, New York City has an opportunity the nation's true leader on food issues.

Time for a Food and Farm Bill that Helps Farmers and Consumers

By Mark Dunlea

Time for a Food and Farm Bill that Helps Farmers and Consumers

The collapse of the Supercommittee process gives New York City anti-hunger activists a chance to help shape a farm bill that fights hunger, promotes health, protects the environment and bolsters independent farmers.

Improving SNAP, Improving Lives: The Case For Healthier Food Stamps

By Robert Doar

Improving SNAP, Improving Lives: The Case For Healthier Food Stamps

The city's social services commissioner makes the case for prohibiting the use of food stamp benefits to buy sugary drinks.