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Value-Added Ratings

Can Private Advice Save A Threatened Public Realm?

From schools to public housing to hospitals that serve the poor, private firms are being brought in to rescue remnants of an earlier, more ambitious era of government.

Q&A With An 'Unsatisfactory' Teacher

In the debate over budget cuts, teacher layoffs and improving schools, much has been said about teachers who get “unsatisfactory” ratings. But little has been heard from those instructors.

A 'D' For Details: Should The City Release Teachers' Ratings?

As a businesswoman prepares to take over the city's schools, New York's teacher rating system—itself borrowed from the business world—stirs controversy.

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Background Briefing: Teacher Ratings - Jarrett Murphy

The release of New York City's teacher data reports has triggered a flurry of coverage on the numbers and the teachers singled out as ranking high or low. Here's some background on what the numbers mean—and what they don't



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Beyond CityTime

An Investigation of Private Consultants in the Bloomberg Administration