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Joel Klein
News: Joel Klein

DOE Diaspora: NYC School Vets Spread Reforms Nationwide

The impact of Mayor Bloomberg's education reforms is being felt well beyond New York as former DOE aides have taken top jobs in other cities and states.

The Election's Over. So Let's Talk Issues

A look at the policy questions that campaign 2010 didn't answer

Ten Questions for Cathie Black

How would the incoming schools chancellor—or you—score on a quiz covering the system she inherits, her predecessor's reforms and the steep challenges awaiting her?

The Klein Era: Eight Years, One Legacy

The New York City schools chancellor is stepping down. Here's a look at some of the battles he stepped into during his time at Tweed.

A 'D' For Details: Should The City Release Teachers' Ratings?

As a businesswoman prepares to take over the city's schools, New York's teacher rating system—itself borrowed from the business world—stirs controversy.

Fill In The Blanks: Cuomo's Education Plans Short On Detail

The gubernatorial frontrunner says New York's schools need to save money, improve performance and address inequality. He hasn't been specific about how they're supposed to do that.

Music Lessons Improve Lives, Rarely Available In NYC Schools

As the city faces financial hardship again, some arts education activists worry that New York schools are turning their backs on teaching the arts.

Pedagogy and Profits: Charter School Bid Raises Questions

One of the 16 proposed charter schools tapped for a final round of consideration has close links to a private company with family ties to a top state education official.

State Education Test Scores Take Nosedive

Elementary and middle school students statewide scored far worse this year on their annual state math and English exams. For New York City, it was the first year-to-year decline in at least four years.

Hard Math: Charter Schools Race For Space

The new charter school law ended months of political acrimony. But it didn't answer the question of where the new schools will find seats.

City Council Endorses School Turnaround Zone

If adopted, the strategy would represent a significant departure from the DOE's current approach to struggling schools.

4th & 8th Graders Get National Report Card

In New York City, one grade has made strides in reading -- especially among low income children -- while another made only marginal improvements.

Doomsday Mayoral Budget Steps Closer To Reality

Bloomberg's final fiscal plan looks a lot like the "doomsday" preliminary budget he issued in January.

Grad Gain Endangered

High school graduation rates are up – but earning a public school diploma is about to get more difficult.

The Great Escape

"If You Hit 65 Percent of the Population, That's the Tipping Point."

Getting Lost On the Way
To the Principal's Office

Clear lines of accountability for student discipline are needed in the era of police officers staffing public school hallways, say advocates and officials pushing for new rules.

What Will It Take To Alter
Makeup of Top Schools?

Efforts to raise the achievement of students of color, and increase their admissions into the city's competitive high schools, have seen limited success.

Special Education: Yoga
Finds New Fans In Schools

By showing how yoga can help disabled students, one enthusiastic teacher has made the discipline standard practice.

Language Companies Shut
By New Dept. of Ed Policy

Small businesses in the boroughs won't survive under new textbook purchasing rules.

A Matter Of Principals:
On Training School Chiefs

The Leadership Academy's Sandra Stein prepares for the next phase in school reform.

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In 2002, Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed Joel Klein Chancellor of New York City schools. Before his appointment, he was a business leader and the CEO of Bertelsmann, Inc. Immediately Klein and Bloomberg worked together to improve the city’s school system. Throughout his tenure, he focused on developing a uniform citywide curriculum and replacing ineffective principals and educators. Klein stepped down as Chancellor in 2010, in order to become an executive at News Corp.; Cathleen Black replaced him. The success of his programs has yet to be seen. During his reign, he faced myriad challenges, but continued to create and develop solutions for the nation’s largest school system.

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A Reading List for De Blasio's New Schools Chancellor - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits' award-winning education coverage touches on some of the key issues Carmen Farina will face.

Cheat Sheet for Parents: Understanding School Progress Reports - Helen Zelon

The grades are out, and so is the list of schools that might close because of them. But what's the difference between an A and a B when the DOE grades its 1,700 schools?



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