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Harlem Children's Zone
News: Harlem Children's Zone

Obama Anti-Poverty Programs Begin to Take Shape

The president's neighborhood-based anti-poverty initiatives will soon move into a second stage. But in an era of budget-cutting, Promise Neighborhoods and Choice Neighborhoods face a steep political challenge.

Izzy, Ippies Honor City Limits

City Limits' magazine coverage of the Harlem Children's Zone, synthetic turf in city parks and other topics garnered three journalism prizes this week.

Going National

We are so desperate for any little inkling for success

No Sign Of Mayor's Promised Antipoverty 'Zones'

A year ago the mayor said he'd launch Harlem Children's Zone-style programs in Brooklyn and the Bronx. But as the Obama administration funds a similar initiative, the city has yet to move.

Harlem Program Scrutinized, Obama Initiative Cut

Congress is contemplating a major reduction to President Obama's flagship anti-poverty program, as its model—the Harlem Children's Zone—faces new questions about results.

Growing Grown-Ups In Harlem

In the quest for "What works?", one Manhattan youth organization is showing results by getting kids to care about larger struggles.

Some Harlem Residents Balk At Charter School Plan

The Harlem Children's Zone wants to launch a school at a public housing development. But some tenants worry that their children's needs won't be met.

Zelon Wins Education Prize

An article assessing philosophical and practical shifts at the DOE in recent years earns national recognition.

Kids Who Can't Get
Enough of School

One low-income HCZ parent describes how the program has changed her family.

Lesson Plans:
A Teacher Speaks

What's it like teaching inside the school that’s become a national model for community improvement? A Promise Academy instructor explains.

Local Perspectives:
Residents Weigh In

A sampling of opinion from the streets of Harlem yields a positive view of the Children’s Zone.

Promises To Keep:
The Obama Poverty Plan

The 'Promise Neighborhoods' plan has the policy world abuzz about the first major federal antipoverty effort in decades. But the effort has not yet been launched, and details are hard to come by.

Is The Promise Real?

The Harlem Children's Zone Becomes a Template for National Change.

The Great Escape

"If You Hit 65 Percent of the Population, That's the Tipping Point."

Shaping Success

"Failure is not permitted, because funding is tied to success, not failure."

An Act of Faith

"So you and I, we must this crusade, this holy deed."

Test Pattern

How Harlem's "miracle" really ranks

Making Connections

Powerful friends, deep pockets and the HCZ

Those Who Lend A Hand Up
Wouldn't Mind A Handout

In needy times, social services nonprofit leaders strategize about how to do even more with even less.

Among Heartland Homages,
Pols Address Urban Issues

The presidential candidates have staked out very different positions on housing, schools, crime, infrastructure and other issues key to urban America.

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Founded by a committed advocate for low-income children, nurtured by the politically powerful and Wall Street titans, and lauded by media around the world, the Harlem Children's Zone has raised a nation's hopes. Follow our in-depth evaluation of the program that's inspiring the federal government's most innovative poverty-fighting initiative in decades.

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Geoffrey Canada, Frequent City Limits Subject, Stepping Down - Jarrett Murphy

The Harlem Children's Zone CEO both wrote and starred in articles in our magazine, including a 2010 report that examined the accomplishments of the HCZ effort.

New Graduation Numbers Show Growth, Gaps - City Limits

The state released new statistics on high school graduation rates. New York City's improved once again, but a new measure of college readiness suggests huge challenges remain.

Searching For Stability At Robeson High - City Limits

Watch a video interview about the challenges confronting one Brooklyn High School: A dwindling student population, reduced class offerings and the third principal in about a year.



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Report From Lockdown High: Fear Vs. Facts On School Safety

By Annette Fuentes

Report From Lockdown High: Fear Vs. Facts On School Safety

An excerpt from a new book arguing that “punitive, zero tolerance strategies”—from metal detectors to clothing bans—aren't as effective as their popularity suggests.



Harlem Children's Zone vs. Upper Manhattan Schools

On standardized tests, the Harlem Children's Zone's Promise Academy I, fares well compared to most schools in its upper Manhattan district, and rivaled New York City and state averages. This infograph looks at how the national model's student make-up stacks up against others.