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Artificial Turf in New York
News: Artificial Turf in New York
Adi Talwar/City Limits

NYC's Fake Grass Gamble: A $300M Mistake?

In 1998, New York City began installing synthetic turf fields in parks and playgrounds, saying the artificial material would be more durable than grass. But a City Limits investigation finds that many turf fields are falling apart, including this one at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

The Ground Game

Signs of deterioration in the city's parks.

Costs and Benefits

The Economic Case for Artificial Turf

The City on Defense

Dismissing questions about health

It Won't Taste Great

The Health Questions Multiply

A Test For Testing

New Products, New Rules

A Swing and a Hit

An Alternative at the Ballpark

Public Art Means
Public Controversy

The young painters who just unveiled a new batch of bright murals are learning the difference between art and decoration.

City Limits' award-winning investigation in how New York City became the world’s biggest buyer of fake grass.

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