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Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
News: Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

Life In A Livery Cab

Yellow cab drivers and owners were outspoken on both sides of the debate over a plan to permit outer-borough street hails. What do the livery drivers who now prowl those streets think about it?

Federal Funds Have City Planners Eyeing East New York, Bronx

A federal planning grant to be shared among several governments on either side of the New York-Connecticut border aims for transit-oriented development.

On The Move

The city's transit system is better than you think. It's also under more strain than politicians admit.

Surf's Up, Ferry's Down: The Rockaways' Transit Troubles

The peninsula's long journey out of the economic devastation will be challenged—but, some residents insist, not stopped—by cuts to ferry service and increases in bridge tolls.

Progress Derailed: The Cause & Effect Of NYC's Transit Funding Crisis

Everyone who rides buses or subways knows that service is down and fares are heading up. But why is this happening? And does it spell danger for the city's economic future?

MTA's Bus Cuts: The Hardest Hit

Transit service reductions will inconvenience millions of commuters. But for thousands of people in a few neighborhoods, the cuts will be more deeply felt.

MTA Cuts Mean Bigger Crowds, More Problems

Transit cuts don't just mean fewer trains. There'll be less room on trains that are running. And that could compound other problems underground.

Making Their Way

Immigrant Women Straddle Cultural Chasms

Hey New York! We're Number ... 49?

A worldwide ranking of cities for quality of life suggests that New York is not even the second best locale on the East Coast.

New York’s Eccentric Road Signs

A city with as much gall as ours doesn’t wimp out, even at road signs.

Some See Racial Impact From Mass Transit Funding Crisis

With most U.S. transit systems considering service cuts or fare hikes, some advocates are painting the push for better federal funding not in terms of what's "green" but what’s black and white.

MTA Budget Cuts Pose New Threat To School Choice

If students can’t get to school for free anymore, how will they be able to freely choose among the city’s more than 400 high schools?

MTA Budget Cuts Will Hit Disabled

But even as the transit system reduces some services, it continues other efforts to improve accessibility.

Getting From Here To There

With deep transit cuts in the works, activists and officials prescribe new ways to travel around the city.

Another African Burial Ground

Though a bus depot occupies most of an old Harlem church cemetery site, there's still hope for memorializing African history uptown.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) oversees the New York City region's commuter rails, buses, subway systems, and operates multiple toll bridges and tunnels.

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Subway To Staten Island

By Samuel I. Schwartz

All I Want For Christmas Is A Subway To Staten Island

Gridlock Sam outlines his transit dreams for New York's future: the return of streetcars, more bus rapid transit and even a pedestrian bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn.