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News: Waterfront

Hurricanes Shaped East River Waterfront Plan

There's no question that the Blueway Plan will provide that direct access to the water. What can't be known yet is whether it will also provide protection from it.

Where Does the Gowanus Cleanup Stand?

Two years after the EPA designated the Gowanus Canal a Superfund Site, Brooklyn College reporter Rene Askew and producer Christina Asencio take a look at progress on the project and how the residents feel about it.

City Sewage Plan Faces Obstacles, Questions

Advocates praise the motives behind New York's plan to reduce the amount of sewage released untreated into its waterways. But they're worried about the details.

Defeated In Court, Waste Station's Foes Take To The Streets

Opponents of a planned East 91st Street waste transfer station say the city should reconsider alternatives. But advocates from other neighborhoods believe the site is right for establishing a fairer sanitation system.

This Memorial Day, A Lost World at Cedar Grove Beach

After the city removed them last year, residents of the Staten Island community won't be celebrating the holiday with burgers and beers outside their beachside bungalows. As this unique way of NYC life fades, a look at its complex—and charming—history.

Japan Tsunami, Katrina Memories Wash Into Waterfront Debate

A new city plan addressing competing claims on New York's coastline draws praise. But there's still plenty of debate over the details, especially over the risks that come with waterfront industry.

What Cuts Will Cost: Children's Learning, Parents' Work

As tabloids celebrate an on-time state budget, a look at what one budget cut at the city level will mean: fewer childcare slots, less school prep for kids and a tough choice for their working parents.

Lunch At Junior's: Reputation & Reality In Today’s Brooklyn

What does it mean to be "Brooklyn"—and how has that changed as the borough went from not to hot? Chapter one of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" visits a local icon to find some answers.

Finding The Borough Behind The Brand: Brooklyn Today

From Neil Simon to Spike Lee and the Dodgers to Jay-Z, Brooklyn has long enjoyed an international reputation. The new issue of City Limits magazine looks at how that rep matches reality.

Moses, Jacobs And You: The Battle For Gotham

A history of the philosophical battle between Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs, told by an author who, wisely, took it personally.

Missing Moses' Muscle

The politics of parks.

Waking the Dead

Lomex. Robert Moses. Westway. Jane Jacobs. What New York's planning past tells us about its future.

Five Boroughs. One City. No Plan.

Is the city's failure to plan a plan for failure?

Whose Dreams Will Decide?

The push for neighborhoods to have more than a voice.

Development, Zoning Fights Fuel Push For NYC Roadmap

In the new issue of City Limits, a look at the growing calls for New York to take a more comprehensive—and inclusive—approach to planning its physical future.

Can a Year-Round Coney Island Succeed?

After seven years of legal wrangling, hundreds of millions of dollars in city expense, and the eviction of many of Coney Island's historic amusement operators, the island is still seasonal.

Bloomberg Deputy's Legacy, From Yankee Stadium To Hudson Yards

Nearly three years after Mayor Bloomberg's powerful deputy mayor and development czar Dan Doctoroff left City Hall, we check in on some of the major—and controversial—projects launched during his tenure.

Surf's Up, Ferry's Down: The Rockaways' Transit Troubles

The peninsula's long journey out of the economic devastation will be challenged—but, some residents insist, not stopped—by cuts to ferry service and increases in bridge tolls.

Neighborhood Advocates See Push For Power Blocked

This fall, voters will decide on a minor change to rules governing the location of sewage plants and garbage stations. But environmental advocates and community planners wanted more.

City Expands East River & Long Island Sound Cleanup Effort

The effort aims to reduce nitrogen discharged from wastewater treatment plants, before it enters the watershed and drives away or kills fish.

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Coverage of New York City's rivers, beaches, and waterfront environment news.

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Hope for Relief from Flooding in Southeast Queens - Karen Loew

After months of pressure from residents of an area plagued by poor drainage and rising groundwater, the city recently announced a set of measures to keep Southeast Queens dry—or at least drier—this spring and summer.



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A Liquid Asset: Why NYC Must Invest In Its Harbor

By Alexander Brash

A Liquid Asset: Why NYC Must Invest In Its Harbor

Many cities have realized that natural resources are economic advantages, especially in attracting and retaining young professionals. For New York to compete, this op-ed argues, we must put more of our money where our water is.



Photo Slideshow: Tackling Poverty Brooklyn

Held on Wednesday October 3rd at Galapagos Art Space in downtown Brooklyn, the inaugural series in our Tackling Poverty Conversation & Networking Series brought advocates, researchers, elected officials and ordinary citizens together to discuss strategies for improving New York City's education outcomes.

Why Minds Matter

The pain of 9/11 reopened a deeper wound: Violent trauma is part of daily life in New York. Now a city in crisis must help its youth survive a hidden epidemic.