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Sexual Abuse of Female Inmates
News: Sexual Abuse of Female Inmates

Prison Guards Get Light Sentences For Sex Abuse

New York State prison guards who break the law by having sex with an inmate often receive favorable treatment by juries and light sentences from judges.

Sex Abuse Blamed On A Few Officers, Advocates Say

In this month's issue of City Limits magazine, we investigate staff sexual abuse of female inmates in state prisons. In this chapter, a look at the prison officers implicated in allegations of abuse.

Male Guards, Female Inmates And Sexual Abuse In NYS Prisons

Several New York State prisons ranked high in a recent federal survey of inmates reporting staff sexual abuse. A City Limits investigation finds that sexual misconduct in New York's prisons eludes stereotypes—and, sometimes, detection.

Love In A Time Of Incarceration

In 1999, an officer and an inmate at Manhattan's Bayview Correctional Facility fell in love and started having sex, with consequences that reverberate today.

Altering A Prison's Sexual Chemistry

For at least 35 years, New York State legal advocates, prison officials and unions have wrestled over how to protect female inmates from sexual abuse when male officers guard them.

The Enforcement Of New York's Prison Sex Law

DOCS says that misunderstandings about pat-frisks might explain some of the sexual misconduct allegations its inmates have made against guards. Some evidence suggests, however, that the problems in New York’s female prisons are deeper than that.

Behind Bars: Female Inmates, Male Guards, and Sex Crimes in New York's Prisons is a special investigation funded by the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

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Prison Abuse Investigation Wins National Award - City Limits

Our magazine's May 2011 report on staff sexual abuse of women inmates in New York State prisons won a Sigma Delta Chi Award from the national Society of Professional Journalists.

City Limits Criminal Justice Reporting Honored - Jarrett Murphy

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency recognized our coverage of staff sexual misconduct in New York's prisons and the housing challenges facing former inmates.

City Limits' Sex Abuse Investigation Now Available As Podcast - Kelly Virella

You can now listen to a discussion of our May investigation into the sexual abuse of female prisoners by New York State prison employees, thanks to local radio stations who have interviewed us about it.



Zero Tolerance: NY Prison System Committed To Preventing Sex Abuse

By Brian Fischer

Zero Tolerance: NY Prison System Committed To Preventing Sex Abuse

The commissioner of the state prison system responds to our investigation of sex abuse involving male staff and female inmates.



Is Blogging a Slog? Some Young People Think So

A new media study shows that long-form blogging may have fallen out of favor by young people, who have turned to social networking and video content-based websites instead.