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Anthony Weiner
News: Anthony Weiner
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Small Businesses On The Edge In Bay Ridge

In an excerpt from the City Limits magazine investigation of small businesses in New York, a look at the holdouts along increasingly chain-ganged 86th Street.

The Holdouts

"If it doesn't start doing something soon, I'm going to be out of business after 26 years."

The Life And Death Of The Mom-n-Pop

Small businesses help make New York's neighborhoods. But as the next issue of City Limits reports, economic trends and policy decisions are threatening their survival.

City Pension Plans: Can
They Do Good and Do Well?

The city's retirement funds offer a powerful tool for social activism. A look at how Comptroller Bill Thompson and his would-be successors approach the task of putting city money where their morals are.

It's An Election,
But Not A Choice

Dozens of candidates for New York state legislative seats face no opponent, continuing a trend that limits voters' choices.

Business Backers Rally
Around Bloomberg Bid

Who are the financiers, developers and corporate titans lining up behind the mayor's move to revoke term limits?

Paying Today's Rent
Leaves Little To Spare

The burden of rent is bringing the status of the 'near-poor' closer to that of the poor.


Community newspaper and freelance reporters from around the city offer the inside scoop on the Sept. 14 primary.


Parents at high performing--and increasingly crowded--schools are worried about new transfer rules.


The City Council is poised to okay a bill that would widen the pool of just who can say a housing violation has been fixed.

Anthony D. Weiner, former U.S. Representative, ran for mayor in 2005 and 2013. Before his 1998 election for the congressional seat, Weiner was a member of the New York City Council. After replacing his mentor Senator Charles Schumer in Congress, Weiner continued to advocate for issues regarding housing in New York. Specifically, he analyzed the cost of housing relative to income for New Yorkers. Additionally, he advocated for small businesses during a time of increased closings in the early 2000s. Weiner ran for Mayor in 2005, but lost in the Democratic primary to Fernando Ferrer. Though once considered a strong contender in the 2013 New York Mayoral race, Weiner lost all chances at the title after a recent Twitter scandal. He admitted to having six sexual relationships electronically over a course of three years. On June 16, 2011, Weiner announced his resignation from Congress.

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Weiner's Shorts (Policy Shorts, That Is) - Jarrett Murphy

Before the scandal, even before he became a leading liberal spokesman, the Brooklyn-Queens congressman ran for mayor as a wonk.