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John Liu
News: John Liu

Mott Haven Up For Grabs in Mayor's Race

If patrons of Camaguey restaurant are any indication, voters in Mott Haven are undecided about the mayor's race, but do know what they want in the next mayor: the good of Bloomberg without the bad.

Budget Cut Avoided, But Children's Services Still Show Strain

There are reports that some parents are having trouble getting child welfare services because a botched contract award and budget threats last year led providers to scale back.

Living Wage Law The Next Council Battleground?

Following the defeat of paid sick leave, unions and business group prepare to face off over tying wages to city development subsidies.

Fact Checking The State Of The City

Mayor Bloomberg's annual address promised modest new initiatives and claimed major successes over the past year and his whole tenure.

Five Boroughs. One City. No Plan.

Is the city's failure to plan a plan for failure?

Feds Indict 6 For Defrauding Controversial CityTime Program

The charges involve the misappropriation of $80 million, and revolve around a company whose questionable ties to a city official were first reported by City Limits.

How Much Does Mayor Bloomberg Pay His Staff?

Detailed answers to that and other questions about city finances are available on a website launched this week by the city comptroller.

Strong Feelings About Yankee Stadium Deal? Too Bad.

A closed door meeting -- prompted by deals like Atlantic Yards, Yankee Stadium and Columbia University's expansion -- is examining how developers deliver community benefits in New York.

Term Limits, Party Politics On Bloomberg Charter Panel's Menu

After the first round of hearings on how to revise the city's charter, a list has emerged of what New Yorkers want to change about their government.

EDC Cash Clash: Is It Payback Time?

The comptroller says the Economic Development Corporation has improperly kept $125 million in city money. Can he get it back?

Immigrants Reach New Heights

With city and state turmoil shaking up political alignments, some see a new opening for growing ethnic groups to claim power.

Comptroller Moves
To Rein In CityTime

An unfinished system to track city employees' hours already costs 10 times what was budgeted. What now?

Do They PAC A Punch?
Freelancers Get Political

Hoping for friendlier policies toward independent workers, the Freelancers Union launched a PAC this year. And local pols paid attention.

City Pension Plans: Can
They Do Good and Do Well?

The city's retirement funds offer a powerful tool for social activism. A look at how Comptroller Bill Thompson and his would-be successors approach the task of putting city money where their morals are.

Auditor-In-Chief: Has
Thompson Effected Change?

With more than seven years and 650 audits under his belt, Comptroller William Thompson helms a uniquely powerful watchdog function across all of city government.

A Week At City Council

After the term limits vote and before the 2009 race heats up, the new issue of CLI takes a close look at the city's legislature.

Con Ed To Clean Up
Contaminated Waterway

Sediment in the Flushing River has been found to contain cancer-causing PCBs.

What Do Cameras Cure?
System Gets Own Scrutiny

Years and millions later, some officials question whether public school security cameras are effective.

Metal Detectors and Math Classes

Advocates say the school climate isn't suggestive of scholarship.

Parents, Council Still
Angry About School Grades

Stakeholders vent, and the city's Chief Accountability Officer parries, at a hearing on the controversial new Progress Reports.

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John Liu was New York City's 43rd comptroller and the first Asian-American elected to a citywide office. A former Councilmember from Queens, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2013.

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