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Bill de Blasio
News: Bill de Blasio

Details Murky in Cuomo's Goal for Minority Contracts

The governor has set an ambitious goal for directing state contracts to businesses owned by women and minorities. But why did it take so long? And who is really benefiting?

Can Bill de Blasio Lead a Progressive Urban Surge?

The mayor has chalked up victories at home and rallied fellow mayors around an activist platform. Sure, this could be another false dawn for the hope of a new, national urban agenda. But maybe ...

Bushwick Rallies for Better Parks

Advocates are pressing City Councilmembers and the mayor for repairs to two green spaces. Parks funding is set to increase, but not enough to meet community needs, they say.

Complex Changes in Low-Level Arrests Under De Blasio

Elected on a platform of police reform, the de Blasio administration has cut arrests for some low-level drug crimes, but busted more people for the controversial charge of trespassing.

De Blasio Housing Plan Promises Inclusion, Density

The mayor's housing vision describes an array of programs the administration will pursue to build or preserve 200,000 units. But the key is the rezoning of several city neighborhoods.

How de Blasio Can Fix FOIL

As public advocate, he saw shortcomings in the city's compliance with the public information law. A City Limits test of transparency in his young administration finds room for improvement remains.

Juvenile Justice Reform Falls Short of Goals

The Close to Home initiative was supposed to move detained kids to less restrictive settings and improve their ability to complete their education. That hasn't happened.

Is the Bronx as Progressive as De Blasio Says?

The mayor lauds the borough's "progressive values," but the buzzword's application to Bronx politics is uneven at best—a fact that may complicate the mayor's ability to execute his agenda.

Advocates Want Housing Battle Fought on Many Fronts

A new report advocates a multi-pronged approach, and finds the market lost twice as much affordable housing as Bloomberg-era initiatives gained.

What the Bronx Wants From De Blasio

In Bill de Blasio's inaugural address he told New Yorkers: "Our strength is derived from you." Here's how Bronxites we polled want the new mayor to use the power they've given him.

Advocates to de Blasio: Fix Childcare System

The mayor-elect's campaign was focused on pre-K, but some want a focus on day-care for younger kids. The city's current system has empty seats but also faces overwhelming demand.

Mott Haven Up For Grabs in Mayor's Race

If patrons of Camaguey restaurant are any indication, voters in Mott Haven are undecided about the mayor's race, but do know what they want in the next mayor: the good of Bloomberg without the bad.

Budget Cut Avoided, But Children's Services Still Show Strain

There are reports that some parents are having trouble getting child welfare services because a botched contract award and budget threats last year led providers to scale back.

Bill de Blasio is the 109th mayor of the City of New York.

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Help Wanted: 10,000 More Summer Youth Job Slots - Jarrett Murphy

A rally today will call on the de Blasio administration to add money to the budget for summer youth employment, which has shrunk even as teen unemployment remains startling high.

Libraries Win, Emergency Management Loses in Budget - Jarrett Murphy

The modest growth in the city budget proposed by Mayor de Blasio encompasses the ups and downs that individual departments face. <b>This story has been corrected.</b>

Some Cautious in Reacting to Mayor's Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

Amid widespread praise for the mayor's 10-year, 200,000-unit, $41 billion affordable housing plan, a few notes of caution were sounded.

What Will De Blasio's Approach to Welfare Be? - Jarrett Murphy

Some welfare foes fear the progressive mayor will reverse years of declining rolls. Critics of welfare reform hope he does just that.

What to Look For in de Blasio's Affordable Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

From preservation to permanence, housing court to homelessness, here are some of the elements we'll be eyeing.

Water Rate Hike Lower, But Not Enough for Critics - Jarrett Murphy

Some background on the “rental payment" that has the mayor and a councilman facing off.

Breaking Down De Blasio's First Act - Jarrett Murphy

In the distance race that is a New York City mayoral administration, Bill de Blasio has moved beyond the starting-line cheers and into the long, grueling middle.

FDNY Case: Mayor Again Shapes City By Ending Legal Fight - Jarrett Murphy

The settlement of the long-standing legal fight over discrimination by the FDNY is at least the fifth time the de Blasio administration has broken off Bloomberg-era legal fights.

Is de Blasio's Cabinet Dominated by Left-Wingers? - Jarrett Murphy

So say some analysts. The truth is more complicated.

Libraries Look to Life Beyond the Budget Dance - Jarrett Murphy

A baselined budget doesn't mean there aren't big challenges for the city's three systems.

First Lady Can Improve City Hall Transparency - Jarrett Murphy

Now that Chirlane McCray is chairing the Fund to Advance New York City, she'll be positioned to address some of the weaknesses in disclosure that affect it and other city-linked nonprofits.

The Remarkable Life of de Blasio's Dead on Arrival Tax Plan - Jarrett Murphy

Mayor de Blasio may still not get his tax on the rich to pay for pre-K and afterschool programs. But he's already a lot closer than most pundits thought he'd get.

How Will Council Reforms Affect Progressives' Power? - Jarrett Murphy

The progressives who lifted Melissa Mark-Viverito into the speaker's chair have called for reforms to reduce the speaker's authority. What will that mean for the de Blasio agenda?

How to Measure De Blasio's Mayoralty - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor promises to tackle inequality. In our latest Nation-City Limits blog post, we look at how to measure whether he succeeds.

Nation-City Limits Blog: De Blasio Facing Diversity Questions - Jarrett Murphy

On Sunday Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio named a black man to be his corporation counsel. Will that quell concerns about the diversity of the incoming administration?

The Nation-City Limits Blog: Why the Speakerstakes Matter - Jarrett Murphy

In our latest post, we look at the buzz surrounding the choice for the next City Council speaker.

A Reading List for De Blasio's New Schools Chancellor - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits' award-winning education coverage touches on some of the key issues Carmen Farina will face.

De Blasio Going National, Out of Necessity - Jarrett Murphy

Critics have noted that combating income inequality is impossible for New York City to do alone. The latest from our Nation-City Limits blog.

What's at Stake in the de Blasio Mayoralty? What Isn't? - Jarrett Murphy

In the first installation of a joint <i>Nation-City Limits</i> blogging project, we look at the enormous expectations facing the soon-to-be mayor.



Risky Talking with Kimberle Williams Crenshaw and Eve Ensler

Friday, October 24, 2014
7:00p - 9:00p

The Board of Elections in the Digital Era

Monday, October 27, 2014
:p - 7:30p



Property Taxes Key to Solving Housing, Inequality Crises

By Lucas Anderson

Property Taxes Key to Solving Housing, Inequality Crises

Inequities in the tax system punish renters, reward owners and contribute to economic inequality and the shortage of affordable housing in New York.

Time for de Blasio to Reform 'Welfare Reform'

By Bich Ha Pham

Time for de Blasio to Reform 'Welfare Reform'

Reducing income inequality depends on a sound, fair social safety net—something the city has not had in 20 years.

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

By Arvernetta Henry

Shelter Resident Weighs In On Cuomo-De Blasio Debate

For Arvernetta Henry, the stakes in the budget talks are pretty simple. With a rent subsidy, she gets out of the shelter. Without it, she doesn't.

De Blasio Must Get Youth Engaged in Civics

By Sarah Andes

De Blasio Must Get Youth Engaged in Civics

The mayor's progressive agenda will be incomplete unless he attacks the growing disengagement of New York's citizens—starting with these five steps to get young people excited about democracy.

Making NYC's Machinery Work

By Aaron Roller

Making NYC's Machinery Work

As a new team prepares to take over the NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations, a former staffer there offers some words of advice.



Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.

Bill de Blasio's Taxi Brief

The public advocate weighs into a case involving politically powerful taxi owners, livery drivers and advocates for the disabled with an argument about separation of powers between the mayor and the City Council.