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Charles Schumer

A Crisis Beyond The Cuts: Help For New York's Seniors Ebbs

Once again, New York City's senior centers avoided a disastrous budget cut this year. But the passing of that threat masks a subtler one: the gradual erosion of the once-proud array of services New York City offers its elderly.

Budget Cut Avoided, But Children's Services Still Show Strain

There are reports that some parents are having trouble getting child welfare services because a botched contract award and budget threats last year led providers to scale back.

From Blue-Collar to the Welfare Line

Walter Greene worked for a living. Then the work disappeared. Now, like thousands of other low-income New Yorkers, he navigates homeless shelter rules and the welfare bureaucracy.

Bike Lane Battle: Role Of Senator's Wife, Ex-DOT Boss, Unclear

Iris Weinshall is not the only critic of the city's bike lane on Prospect Park West. She's just the only who used to build bike lanes and happens to be married to a U.S. senator.

Indian Point Worry: Not The Reactor, The Leftovers

Spent fuel rods are at the center of concerns about the nuclear plant just north of the city—and are a factor at several other plants in the tri-state area.

Immigrants On Front Lines Of Housing Fight

First-generation New Yorkers are more likely to reside in rent-regulated housing than the rest of us. So as Albany weighs weakening or strengthening rent rules, some immigrants are raising their voices.

Senate, Assembly Resist Cuomo Cuts To Services

Legislators want to restore many human services that Gov. Cuomo proposed cutting. But the Senate and Assembly still differ by tens of millions of dollars on social funding, and some programs still face elimination.

Critics Of Homeless Program Fight To Save It

Advocates for the homeless have long criticized the Bloomberg administration's approach to getting people out of shelters. But with the state threatening to end funding for the program, most advocates have joined the city to oppose the cuts.

Grandparents Who Parent Are Facing Budget Cuts

Thousands of New York children are raised by relatives other than their parents. Many rely on state programs to support their unexpected second stint as guardians.

As AIDS Threat Changes, Push For Housing Renews

Advocates, hoping Gov. Cuomo will back a cap on rent for people in AIDS housing, say research shows that shelter saves lives and reduces government expenditures.

Cuomo's Cuts Could Hit The Poor

The tiff between Albany and City Hall over education aid isn't the only fight brewing over the governor's budget. His cuts to public assistance, homeless services and child welfare are also coming under fire.

Questions About Mayor's Plan To Run Youth Jails

Few would deny that state-run juvenile detention facilities are flawed. But a Bloomberg bid to take control of some of those sites has raised a new set of issues.

On The Move

The city's transit system is better than you think. It's also under more strain than politicians admit.

The Election's Over. So Let's Talk Issues

A look at the policy questions that campaign 2010 didn't answer

Immigrant Youth Get Politically Active, Spurred By Proposed Law

Even as speculation mounts that Democrats will retrench in the face of historic Republican gains in the House, some immigrant youth plan to continue demanding greater rights.

Election 2010: Polls Closed, Policy Awaits

Election night confirmed what polls had predicted for weeks: Andrew Cuomo will be New York's next governor. Here's a look at what that means for the state's economy, schools, power plants and housing market.

Cuomo Housing Plan Praised, Parsed

The economic crisis that dominates campaign 2010 began in the housing market. So what are the gubernatorial candidates—especially frontrunner Andrew Cuomo—saying to owners, tenants and landlords?

Cuomo Rakes In Donations From Energy Sector

Power companies with a stake in natural gas are among Cuomo's largest campaign contributors, raising questions about how he'll handle the statewide debate over hydrofracking.

Fill In The Blanks: Cuomo's Education Plans Short On Detail

The gubernatorial frontrunner says New York's schools need to save money, improve performance and address inequality. He hasn't been specific about how they're supposed to do that.

Cuomo, Paladino & Remedies For Our Ailing Economy

If the seven-member comedy act that was the October 18 gubernatorial debate can be said to have had a serious message, it was likely this: It's the jobs, stupid.

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As a United States Senator, Schumer is one of the most powerful and influential politicians in the country. However, his wife has not been the biggest help to his political career. Her advocacy to tear down a bike lane in Prospect Park received much criticism.

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