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Mental Health

Concerns Persist Over Child Welfare Cases Involving Mental Health

As many as one in five child welfare cases involves a parent with a mental health diagnosis, creating challenges for parents, children and caseworkers. Advocates say efforts to address those challenges haven't gone far enough.

In Debate Over New Jail, City Says An Aim Is To Prevent Violence

Hoping to reduce fights, prevent suicide and help inmates avoid returning to jail, New York is changing the way it evaluates new prisoners—and building a new jail. Advocates are split on whether that will solve the problem.

Male Guards, Female Inmates And Sexual Abuse In NYS Prisons

Several New York State prisons ranked high in a recent federal survey of inmates reporting staff sexual abuse. A City Limits investigation finds that sexual misconduct in New York's prisons eludes stereotypes—and, sometimes, detection.

Questions About Mayor's Plan To Run Youth Jails

Few would deny that state-run juvenile detention facilities are flawed. But a Bloomberg bid to take control of some of those sites has raised a new set of issues.

Obama's Urban Policy: Slow Start. Sustainable Finish?

The president's campaign pledge to pay attention to cities got some tough early reviews. But now communities around the country are getting federal help to plan for the future.

Report: NYC's Bail System Punishes The Poor

Human Rights Watch calls on New York City to come up with a better way than putting a price on freedom for low-income defendants awaiting trial for minor crimes.

Trauma Treatment: New York's Level 1 Centers

Not all New York City hospitals have trauma centers, although the 15 city hospitals that do have such centers all have Level 1 facilities.

Queens Race Defies Narrative Of Gay Rights, Reform

Coverage of the matchup between Sen. Shirley Huntley and Challenger Lynn Nunes revolves around gay rights. But hospital closings, foreclosures and flooding are the issues closer to the district.

The City on Defense

Dismissing questions about health

It Won't Taste Great

The Health Questions Multiply

In School, Homeless Kids Face A Different Test

Homeless children struggle with more than reading and math. They're challenged to stay connected to schools as their families search for shelter.

Taking Attendance In Bloomberg Bid To Cut Truancy

The mayor's new task force enlists a battery of city agencies to combat chronic absenteeism. Some parents say they also want a seat at the table.

Tough Love In The Big City

Kids in New York have often had a lot to fear. So how’d we end up afraid of them?

Spotting Trouble: The Debate Over Teen Suicide Risks

The problem of youth suicide has sparked debate over how to identify--and help--those at risk.

A Troubled Age: Tough Times For NYC Youth

The new issue of City Limits magazine looks at five challenges confronting youth in the five boroughs.

The North Shore Traces A Toxic Legacy

Industrial pollution from the roaring twenties and the Manhattan Project lingers on Staten Island, and is attracting new attention from the EPA.

Mentally Ill On Hold After Ruling

The state's appeal of a federal court decision on housing for the mentally ill has residents and advocates in limbo.

Activists Push For New
Senate Housing Chair

It’s a new year, and a compromised moment for the controversial Senator Pedro Espada. Affordable housing advocates are agitating to replace him with a champion.

Serving Our Elders:
Seniors' Leader Sets Goals

At the half-year mark of her new commissionership, Department for the Aging chief Lilliam Barrios-Paoli sits down for a Q&A.

The World's Religions
Meet In The Hospital

Health care providers are availing themselves of new tools to increase their cross-cultural sensitivity.

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City Limits' investigative reporting covers health and public health, parks and green spaces, and environmental justice.

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Family Homelessness in the Bronx

This infograph, produced by the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness, highlights family homelessness rates in the Bronx, a borough in New York City.