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Disconnected Youth
News: Disconnected Youth
Alissa Ambrose/City Limits

Juvenile Justice Reform Falls Short of Goals

The Close to Home initiative was supposed to move detained kids to less restrictive settings and improve their ability to complete their education. That hasn't happened.

Students, Teachers Say Roll-Out of New GED Has Been Flawed

They say they haven't had the resources and preparation to gear up for the newer, tougher TASC exam.

New, Tougher GED Has Students Scrambling

With more rigorous standards for the high-school equivalency diplomas set to arrive in 2014—and get harder after that—people are racing to prep for and take the test now.

Young Men's Initiative Shows Promise—and Limits

Mayor Bloomberg gets credit for making young black men a government priority. But there are questions about YMI's scope, scale and future funding.

Twenty-Something ... and Ready to be Adopted

Children who "age out" of foster care often face steep challenges, prompting new interest in finding families for people much older than typical candidates for adoption.

Brooklyn Youth Mobilize To Expand Jobs Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program escaped new cuts in this year's city budget. But past trimming means thousands of willing teen workers will be left on the sidelines.

Brooklyn Bureau: NYPD Towers May Defuse Cop, Community Friction

Some Brooklynites who live and work near the borough’s two police watchtowers say the observation posts are affecting more than the incidence of crime.

Can Job Training Reduce Unemployment?

Governments are pouring money into job skills programs as a way of combating poverty. But what jobs are participants being prepared for?

Report: Young NYers Face Higher Barriers To Public Assistance

A study of low-income New Yorkers under the age of 24 indicates they have trouble getting welfare benefits to which they are entitled. City officials say the report—and others that raised similar questions—suffers from poor methodology.

Tough Love In The Big City

Kids in New York have often had a lot to fear. So how’d we end up afraid of them?

No Entry: Why Is Teen Unemployment So High?

The woman sweeping floors at the McDonald's on 204th Street had gray hair tracing her temples, and her colleague at the register looked to be at least 50.

Stimulus Seen Failing Jobless Blacks

As City Limits Magazine looks at the crisis of black unemployment, this web exclusive examines how the federal stimulus bill has—and hasn't—helped.

Now What?

The Struggle for a Solution

Black Caucus Attacks Joblessness

At a hearing in Washington, experts recommend more green jobs, tax credits and networking to increase employment rates – plus less classic job discrimination.

Learning For The Long Term
Or A Job For Right Now?

Groups providing education and training for high school dropouts say the city's new rules for spending millions in Workforce Investment dollars won't achieve the best outcomes.

New Jobs Programs Aim
For Unemployed 'Stimulus'

Millions are going to put people to work in growth fields, as well as subsidizing wages for those harder to employ.

A Barbershop Is A Beacon
For Those Leaving Prison

Barber, businessman and ex-offender Al Gleaton-Mathieu tries to keep his neighbors out of prison, and smooth the way for those coming home.


Why not expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to needy older teens and young adults?


The first meetings of the Economic Security Cabinet conclude with inspiration and caution.

A 'Crisis' Among Youth:
How To Re-Connect?

More specialized services are needed to help today's lost generation, experts say.

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While New York City is home to a large student population, there are a number of adolescent youth who have dropped out of the city's high schools and are unable to find employment. For this population, these factors are often cited by researchers as being indicators for crime, poverty, and incarceration.

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NY Pols Tout Bill Targeting Jobless Youth - Kiera Feldman

The Urban Jobs Act would provide $20 million for services to unemployed young people. Amid partisan rancor, will the idea survive Congress? Against record youth unemployment, will it make a difference if it does?



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City Must Show That Street Homeless Youth Count

By James Bolas

City Must Show That Street Homeless Youth Count

At the request of the federal government, the city's street homeless survey targeted young people this year. But advocates feel the results suggest a stronger tallying effort is needed next time.

Who Cares About New York’s Teen Fathers?

By Brooke Richie-Babbage

Who Cares About New York’s Teen Fathers?

The city's teenaged dads can make a huge difference in the lives of their kids. Yet they are forced to navigate Family Court with little guidance, and must deal with agencies and jurists who know next to nothing about them.

The GED: Public Good or Private Sector Trove?

By Lazar Treschan

The GED: Public Good or Private Sector Trove?

A private corporation has just taken over the test that millions use to attain credentials outside of high school. Amid talk of rising fees, it's time for the city to step up for students counting on the GED.