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Public Housing (Last Stand)
News: Public Housing (Last Stand)

Chapter 1: Public Housing's Last Stand

New York City is where public housing started. It is where most public housing was built. And today, it is where the concept of public housing in America is making its last stand.

Chapter 2: The Life and Times of Public Housing

The trouble began for public housing when projects around the country started to struggle as financial problems and design flaws made it harder to serve an increasingly needy population.

Chapter 3: Suddenly, No One Wanted to Pay for Public Housing

For the past six years the funding from the federal government has fallen far short time and again. And the city and state have also stopped their annual support for the system.

Chapter 4: High Hopes, Steep Challenges for NYCHA

The Bible reading during the Mass near the empty NYCHA complex was apropos. "Like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building upon it," the passage from I Corinthians read. "But each one must be careful how he builds upon it."

Project Patrol: Crime in Public Housing, Past and Present

In 1989, the Housing Police counted 182 murders in the projects. The number of murders in public housing had risen five times as fast as the city total. That increase contributed mightily to the deteriorating image and reality of life in the projects.

Capital Ideas: Rebuilding Public Housing, Under Pressure

Getting the money is only one problem facing NYCHA's capital program: Another is spending that money wisely.

Seeing Green: NYCHA Aims to Cut Carbon, and Costs

Starved for cash to maintain, let alone repair, its aging buildings, NYCHA is looking to spend money to save money—putting $400 million toward energy efficiencies.

Time for Hardball: Public Housing Politics

Organizers who target public housing have one thing going for them: The density of public housing makes it easy to reach a lot of potential voters fast—and then to follow up with them.

City Limits' 2009 investigation on the complicated past, troubled present, and uncertain future of the nation's oldest and largest public housing system. This project was funded by the Independence Community Foundation (now the Brooklyn Community Foundation).

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