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Weather Hazards
News: Weather Hazards
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/City Limits

Warm-Water Fish Invade New York City's Waters

Fishers in Long Island Sound are seeing species that normally swim far to the south. Dramatically warmer waters are challenging both the fishing industry and the regulatory system that governs it.

Queens Residents Pumped Up Over Flooding

After pollution shut water pumps in southeast Queens, the aquifer rose and flooding worsened. Residents are pressing the city to accelerate its plans to deal with the water.

Occupy Wall Street's Medical Center Preps for Cold Weather

There have already been at least seven cases of hypothermia. The article of clothing now deemed most valuable are socks, since trench foot and athlete's foot are big problems.


Comings and goings in the nonprofit and government spheres.

Over the course of its history, New York City has had a plethora of devastating disasters including hurricanes, fires, extreme heat waves, blizzards, and earthquakes.

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Breathe Deep NYC

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Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Let's Streamline the Weatherization Process

By Gordon Bell

While the establishment of programs like Green Jobs Green New York has certainly helped scale up programs that use weatherization to attack a set of urban ills, there remains work to be done.