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Affordable Housing
News: Affordable Housing

Housing Plan Targets Vacant Lots; Some Neighbors Leery

The administration sees city-owned vacant lots as potential sites for affordable housing. Communities that use—or hope to use—those parcels for gardens see them as something else.

Can Broad Housing Coalition Get Real Change from Albany?

Real Affordability for All is bringing an unusually broad coalition to press the state for changes to rent regulations and other policies to preserve affordable housing.

Rent Board Forgoes Freeze, OKs 1 Percent Hike

There was high drama as the board voted narrowly for the lowest rent increase ever but defied Mayor de Blasio's call for a freeze. Updated!

Pressured to Move, Low-Income Tenants Resist Buyouts

Advocates say it's becoming more common for landlords hoping to increase rent rolls to offer four- and five-figure buyouts to tenants.

De Blasio Housing Plan Promises Inclusion, Density

The mayor's housing vision describes an array of programs the administration will pursue to build or preserve 200,000 units. But the key is the rezoning of several city neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Tenants Battle Gentrification on Many Fronts

You can debate whether gentrification is good or bad for neighborhoods. But it's clear that many low-income tenants aren't simply sitting and waiting to be pushed out of their homes.

Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids from Home by Giving them One

There's growing interest in using supportive housing to help families whose children might otherwise end up in the foster-care system.

Advocates Waiting for de Blasio to Fix Homeless Housing Program

The cluster program is widely criticized as expensive and disruptive. So far the new administration has yet to propose an alternative, but advocates have high hopes a plan is coming.

Mixed Views of Gentrification's Threat in East New York

The area's improvement—thanks to community action and city policy—is undeniable. What's debated is whether the same displacement seen in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick is headed that way.

Details Delayed For Long-Stalled NYCHA Project

After being torn down for a redevelopment that proved too pricey to complete, Prospect Plaza is being replaced by a mix of public- and affordable housing. The metrics of that mix are still being worked out.

Tenants Form Union to Fight Gentrification

In the struggle to hold on to their places in neighborhoods where rents are rising rapidly, a group in Crown Heights is hoping there's strength in numbers.

In Sunset Park, Demise of Affordable Units Feared

Hundreds of apartments covered by Section 8—key anchors in a neighborhood where affordability is threatened by gentrification—are slated to leave the program.

New Push For Banks to Monitor Building Conditions

For decades housing advocates have hounded negligent property owners. Now there's increasing focus on the lenders who permit them to buy other peoples' homes.

Churches Become Housing in Bushwick

One former Lutheran church being converted to housing will include affordable units. It's unclear whether another former house of worship will offer non-market apartments as well.

Advocates Want Housing Battle Fought on Many Fronts

A new report advocates a multi-pronged approach, and finds the market lost twice as much affordable housing as Bloomberg-era initiatives gained.

How Vito Lopez Changed Bushwick

Many think the former assemblyman and powerbroker is a creep. Some hail him as a hero. In Bushwick, his legacy—and the story of his downfall—are more complicated than either label suggests.

Forest City Ratner Again Gets Extension from MTA

The developer has pushed back for a second time the formal start of construction on a new railyard, raising new questions about the timeline for promised housing.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Affordable Housing

The hopefuls offer different menus of zoning schemes, investment plans, tax breaks and more to try to build and preserve tens of thousands of units during the next decade.

Tensions at Brooklyn Coop Reflect Mitchell-Lama Woes

Lindsay Park's leaders say they're acting to stabilize the development's finances. But some residents say the board's moves have been bad for their own wallets.

Plan to Build on Vacant Lots Stirs Displacement Fears

A plan to build housing on property once part of the Rheingold brewery in Bushwick has aroused concern about the project's impact on housing prices across the neighborhood.

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Originally a newsletter for non-profit groups and tenants in New York’s housing community, City Limits has been investigating affordable housing issues since 1976. While access to affordable housing is essential to a complacent citizen population, policies and initiatives enacted by political leaders sometimes fall short of addressing the concerns regarding low-cost living spaces. The battle for affordable housing has endured many setbacks and obstacles, and signs of victory remain unseen. Presently, City Limits continues to closely follow New York’s struggle to achieve widely accessible affordable housing.

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City Revamping its Affordable Housing Toolkit - Jarrett Murphy

Mayor de Blasio's housing plan was full of ambition and ideas. Achieving them will require streamlining and rearranging the city's housing development system, says HPD's commissioner.

Rent Guideline Board Rejects Freeze, Approves Modest Hikes - Jarrett Murphy

The RBG made history by approving unprecedentedly low increases in stabilized rents. But it rejected a call for rent freezes that the mayor supported during his campaign.

State Nudges Banks to Monitor Building Conditions - Jarrett Murphy

New examination rules are aimed at getting banks to look more closely at the soundness of the landlord's financial plan and the conditions tenants are living in.

Some Cautious in Reacting to Mayor's Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

Amid widespread praise for the mayor's 10-year, 200,000-unit, $41 billion affordable housing plan, a few notes of caution were sounded.

What to Look For in de Blasio's Affordable Housing Plan - Jarrett Murphy

From preservation to permanence, housing court to homelessness, here are some of the elements we'll be eyeing.

Optimism on Massive Portfolio of Working-Class Housing - Jarrett Murphy

Advocates hoped a new owner would take on the troubled "three-borough pool." But they welcome a deal with the state AG protecting tenants' rights.

NYC's Housing Crunch is Part of National Crisis - Jarrett Murphy

A new report finds renters are being priced out of housing across the country—not because of a lack of supply, but because of the inadequacy of our incomes.

Can de Blasio Make the Rents Less Damn High? - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's appointments to the Rent Guidelines Board will be critical to protecting nearly a million households.

Where the Bloomberg Affordable Housing Went - Jarrett Murphy

Mayor Bloomberg left office celebrating the creation or preservation of 160,000 units of affordable housing. Which borough got the most? Which community boards saw the most production?

With New Mayor Coming, Advocates Focus on Senior Housing - Jarrett Murphy

One candidate has his own housing plan. The other has endorsed a coalition's blueprint. But whoever wins is going to be pressed to address the specific housing needs of aging New Yorkers.

A Housing Problem … Or an Income Problem? - Jarrett Murphy

A report finds shortcomings in the mayor's affordable housing plan. But as many workers' incomes stagnate, any housing program is going to face very difficult math.

Report Sees Renters' Crisis - Jarrett Murphy

When a housing market collapse kicked America into recession, it was reasonable to hope that one benefit would be to reduce housing costs for low-income people. No such luck.

As NYCHA Seeks Flexibility, Tenant Advocates Concerned - Jarrett Murphy

The city's public housing agency wants rules relaxed to allow creative budgeting. But advocates for residents want stronger assurances that financial flexibility won't come at the cost of tenant rights.



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Monday, October 20, 2014
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Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

By Jeff Foreman

Hostile Laws, Hateful Acts Bolster Stigma Against Homeless

From poor doors to subway arrests to demonstrations outside a hotel in Queens, the poor and homeless face a broad menu of stigmatization.

Can Churches Fund Affordable Housing?

By Hugh Kelly

Can Churches Fund Affordable Housing?

POP is different from most other real-estate finance operations in two ways. First, it's named after a papal encyclical. Second, it underwrites housing working-class New Yorkers can afford.

At Stake in Rent Fight: Does Democracy Work?

By Susanna Blankley

At Stake in Rent Fight: Does Democracy Work?

Despite little outreach by the RGB, its 2014 hearings displayed a surge of tenant interest. The vote on a rent freeze will say as much about democracy, the author says, as it does about housing costs.

Property Taxes Key to Solving Housing, Inequality Crises

By Lucas Anderson

Property Taxes Key to Solving Housing, Inequality Crises

Inequities in the tax system punish renters, reward owners and contribute to economic inequality and the shortage of affordable housing in New York.

HPD Responds to Criticism of Project Linked to Deputy Mayor

By Eric Enderlin

HPD Responds to Criticism of Project Linked to Deputy Mayor

The agency says The Bradford, which serves families making up to $194,000, was a wise use of resources to achieve income diversity and supply affordable housing to under-served income groups.



Quarterly Housing Update, New York City

The Ouarterly Housing Update, published by NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, provides up-to-date information on trends in the New York City housing market.

Audit of a Drug Treatment Service

A New York State agency audit detailed links between a substance-abuse treatment service and a provider of "sober homes."