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Occupy Wall Street
News: Occupy Wall Street

For Some, Occupy Movement is a Test of Faith

Many in the Occupy Wall Street movement frame their advocacy in religious terms. For one Brooklyn clergyman, that means tension with some churches, and challenges for his own congregation.

Occupy Sunset Park: Seeking Change in Many Languages

A long subway ride from the Lower Manhattan epicenter of the Occupy phenomenon, community activists in one Brooklyn neighborhood are trying to translate the movement's goals into local action.

At Zuccotti Park, a People's Library

The library holds over 1,200 books from an array of genres, including politics, poetry, religion, gender studies, foreign language, and science fiction.

Occupy Wall Street Struggles with … Accounting?

Improving the accounting will help increase transparency and accountability for donors, an issue that several potential donors have complained about on the movement's blog.

The Revolutionary Kitchen Feeds Downtown Protests

Despite an all-volunteer, non-hierarchical structure, a seemingly messy but strangely efficient infrastructure has developed. Nowhere is the system more evident than the bustling kitchen in the center of the park.

Occupy Wall Street's Medical Center Preps for Cold Weather

There have already been at least seven cases of hypothermia. The article of clothing now deemed most valuable are socks, since trench foot and athlete's foot are big problems.

Protesters Get Media Coverage, But Distrust It

Some protesters bore visible signs of their animosity toward major cable TV outlets. One 19-year-old activist who wore a Guy Fawkes mask and called himself "Blood Bandit" said, "Have you seen Fox News around here? Guess what, we chased them away."

Recruiting Occupy Wall Street Protesters to Oppose Fracking

Organizers opposed to the natural gas extraction method known as hydrofracking felt Occupy Wall Street was a good venue to meet like-minded people who would be willing to support the cause, due to their shared anti-corporate sentiment.

Women's Group Eyes Safety, Visibility Concerns at Protest

Practical worries like finding safe places to sleep and denouncing harassment are a priority. The group also hopes to better represent women in the working groups of Occupy Wall Street.

Appearances in Zuccotti Park May Be Deceiving

There are people dressed in sweatpants and combat boots, others in orange construction jerseys and even a few wearing business suits. But in Zuccotti Park clothes do not always mark the person.

Despite Increase in Potential Customers, Food Vendors Say They're Suffering

Despite the exponential influx of people to the area around Zuccotti Park and their 24/7 presence, local food vendors have seen their customers dwindle.

Some Protesters Unhappy With Rally's Leadership Structure

For anarchists, even the consensus-oriented General Assembly that directs the protests smacks of excessive centralization.

Arrests at Zuccotti Park Only Strengthen Protesters' Resolve

"What will make me stop?" one protester asks. "Ending corporatism, the government and the Federal Reserve. That will make me leave."

Occupy Wall Street's Sanitation Committee Saves the Day

Even before Thursday's massive cleaning session, the park was relatively clean.

When the Occupy Wall Street protest began on Sept. 17, it was a "leaderless resistance movement" of a few hundred people without clear demands. Exactly a month later, thousands had joined the movement and hundreds had taken over Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. On the one-month anniversary of the protest's inception, a team of reporters from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism took a look at the many facets of the demonstrators' fully-functioning society, which includes a medical center, clean-up crew—which helped the protesters avoid eviction last week—and, like all great civilizations, even a library.

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March to Bring Communities of Color to Occupy Wall Street - Jarrett Murphy

Critics of Occupy Wall Street fault its lack of racial diversity on one hand, and the diversity of its political messages on the other. A march planned for Monday will challenge the first critique. A visit to Zuccotti questions the second.