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Living Wage
News: Living Wage

Brooklyn Wage Theft Case Grinds On

Authorities found that a Williamsburg construction company owed its workers $500,000, but no one's been paid yet. Advocates blame enforcement delays on overburdened state inspectors.

How Will A Higher Minimum Wage Affect Brooklyn?

President Obama and Democrats in Albany want a higher minimum wage. Among Brooklyn's low-wage workers, who will it help and how much?

Protect Immigrant Work Rights—-By Making them Owners

Statistics show immigrant workers frequently suffer wage theft. One solution pioneered by a Brooklyn center is to launch cooperatives where the workers are also owners.

Bike Plan Aims to Get Bronx Armory on Track

In 2009 a controversy over wages scuttled a plan to build a mall in the long-empty Kingsbridge Armory. Now there's a plan to host bike races there. Is a renovation project finally getting in gear?

City Spent $1M on Report, Used Questionable Data

A study that says a proposed city living wage law would kill 13,000 jobs based its analysis on a state subsidy program that wouldn't actually be covered by the city measure.

For Low-Income Immigrants, Status Complicates Survival

C is like many students at Hunter College. She balances work and school, struggles to pay her tuition bill, wonders what the future will hold. Secretly, she also carries the burden of being an undocumented immigrant.

Living Wage Law The Next Council Battleground?

Following the defeat of paid sick leave, unions and business group prepare to face off over tying wages to city development subsidies.

Waking the Dead

Lomex. Robert Moses. Westway. Jane Jacobs. What New York's planning past tells us about its future.

Medical Mystery: Why A Booming Health Sector Pays Low Wages

Home health aides are seeing some of the best growth of any sector in New York. But the growing demand for their services hasn't improved wages that leave many in or near poverty.

Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Battle Draws Fresh Voices

Last week, fifteen Bronx high school students added their voices to the volatile mix of dialogue over the redevelopment of the Kingsbridge Armory, a former National Guard ammunitions warehouse in the Bronx.

Union Unity Tested By Wage Fight

As the city studies the impact of "living wages," it's unclear whether wounds have healed from a split last fall between trade and service workers' unions.

Union Wage Push Meets Resistance

The City Council might require buildings that receive tax breaks to pay their staff higher wages. The real estate industry opposes the idea. Where does the mayor stand?

Across The Fence:
The Year In Neighborhoods

A survey of community press stories fills in the colorful portrait of the year that was.

Bronx Living Wage Battle
Moves To City Council

As the City Council takes up consideration of the Kingsbridge Armory redevelopment plan, the developer and local pols are locked in a dispute that could derail the project.

Term Limits Backlash:
Incumbents In Trouble

From the central Bronx to the North Shore of Staten Island, an unusually high number of incumbent City Councilmembers are in tough races this year. A look at some of the issues -- and seats -- in play.

Union Proposes A Way To
Employ More, Spend Less

Some City Council members are receptive to expanding transitional jobs programs in the public workforce.

Building A Better Model
For Construction Wages

Experts continue to differ over whether higher pay for laborers necessarily would mean that less affordable housing gets built.


The first meetings of the Economic Security Cabinet conclude with inspiration and caution.

'This Is New York City':
Mayor Draws A Reaction

From labor, urban planning, immigrant advocacy and more, leaders give Bloomberg praise and pans for his State of the City speech.

Students Protest Armory's
Disappearing High Schools

A painstakingly negotiated redevelopment plan was to include two new schools - but now there are none.

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Call for A Wage-Theft Crackdown - Jarrett Murphy

Advocates for low-wage workers say the state isn't doing enough to hunt down scofflaw employers.

Living Wage as Soviet Plot: Da or Nyet? - Jarrett Murphy

We asked Soviet experts what they thought of the comparisons Mayor Bloomberg has been making between communist wage policy and a local living wage proposal.



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Half of Recovery Jobs Offer Low Wages. So Raise Them!

By Michelle Holder

Half of Recovery Jobs Offer Low Wages. So Raise Them!

'It hurts the young. It helps too little. It boosts unemployment.' There are plenty of myths about the minimum wage. The reality is, more and more workers are working at a pay rate that puts them in poverty.



Anatomy of a Sign- NYC DOT

Directed By Robert Hooman The NYC DOT fabricates, maintains and installs over 1 million signs a year and roughly 9000 a month. All this is done with just 22 people out of a workshop in Maspeth Queens. The unsung heros of the NYC DOT put a lot of hard work and dedication into maintaining our city's infrastructure and it was fitting and very satisfying to make a film about them and put a little spotlight on their hard work.

State of the Chains 2012

The Center for an Urban Future's latest report, State of the Chains, 2012, finds that the number of chain stores in New York City increased for the fifth straight year, underscored by especially strong growth among retailers in the Bronx.