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The Disabled
News: The Disabled
Emily Keller/City Limits

Advocates Pan City's Record on Disabilities

They claim policies from special ed to employment assistance to the Taxi of Tomorrow failed to increase opportunities for the disabled. City Hall says its reforms made a difference.

Disabled Say Non-Mayoral Agencies Also Fail

While advocates for the disabled have harsh criticism for Mayor Bloomberg, they also fault other government agencies not controlled by City Hall—especially the transit system.

From Buses to Special Ed, Contractors' Role in Schools Questioned

Many private firms' projects in city schools have not been "disasters." But that doesn't mean these multimillion-dollar projects are the best way for a school system to spend its money.

The Principal Is New. The School Is Closing.

With new boss Dennis Walcott, the city school system gets a new chance to improve relations with parents and teachers. But there'll be no second chance for Robeson High in Bed-Stuy. What does that mean for students?

Critics Of Homeless Program Fight To Save It

Advocates for the homeless have long criticized the Bloomberg administration's approach to getting people out of shelters. But with the state threatening to end funding for the program, most advocates have joined the city to oppose the cuts.

As AIDS Threat Changes, Push For Housing Renews

Advocates, hoping Gov. Cuomo will back a cap on rent for people in AIDS housing, say research shows that shelter saves lives and reduces government expenditures.

Questions About Mayor's Plan To Run Youth Jails

Few would deny that state-run juvenile detention facilities are flawed. But a Bloomberg bid to take control of some of those sites has raised a new set of issues.

Ten Questions for Cathie Black

How would the incoming schools chancellor—or you—score on a quiz covering the system she inherits, her predecessor's reforms and the steep challenges awaiting her?

A 'D' For Details: Should The City Release Teachers' Ratings?

As a businesswoman prepares to take over the city's schools, New York's teacher rating system—itself borrowed from the business world—stirs controversy.

Queens Race Defies Narrative Of Gay Rights, Reform

Coverage of the matchup between Sen. Shirley Huntley and Challenger Lynn Nunes revolves around gay rights. But hospital closings, foreclosures and flooding are the issues closer to the district.

In School, Homeless Kids Face A Different Test

Homeless children struggle with more than reading and math. They're challenged to stay connected to schools as their families search for shelter.

Split Decision In Charter School Space Spat

The state education department sided with parents against expanding a Manhattan charter school that shares space with a public school, but ruled for the city DOE in a similar Brooklyn case.

Father's Figure

A resource for youth who want to be dads

Worries About E-Voting Persist As Primary Looms

Twenty counties have raised concerns about the shift from lever machines to electronic voting devices, which the state is belatedly supposed to make for the upcoming statewide primary.

Dig Deeper Into The Schools Debate

Have we tested our schools into failure? Neglected kids with disabilities? Forgotten how to teach boys to read? New books ask and answer some pressing questions.

Key Court Rulings On Criminal Defense, Foster Care

The state's high court allowed foster children to pursue claims that they were denied services and boosted a case challenging the state's indigent defense system.

MTA Budget Cuts Will Hit Disabled

But even as the transit system reduces some services, it continues other efforts to improve accessibility.

Survey Says: You Trust Us

City Limits named one of New York's most trusted news sources

NYC Web World Regroups After FCC Defeat

A court ruling barring the FCC from regulating broadband has local organizations plotting how to give the agency new teeth.

Mentally Ill On Hold After Ruling

The state's appeal of a federal court decision on housing for the mentally ill has residents and advocates in limbo.

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New York City offers a variety of programs and services to help serve over 4,000 disabled citizens. The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities and the International Center for the Disabled provide resources to those coping with physical limitations.

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What Mayoral Candidates Say About the Disabled: Not Much - Jarrett Murphy

We asked people running for mayor how they'd make the city work better for disabled New Yorkers. So far, only one responded.



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Wednesday, November 05, 2014
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Disabled Can Teach Cops, Hospitals How to Deal

By Charles Archer

Disabled Can Teach Cops, Hospitals How to Deal

There are plenty of stories of police officers, hospitals, state homes and others mishandling interactions with disabled people. The fix, says this writer, is more face time.

Why it's Time to Hire the Disabled

By Charles Archer

Why it's Time to Hire the Disabled

The economy is sluggish and the job market is weak. But that's all the more reason, this writer says, to make sure disabled workers get their shot at the work that's out there.

Support And Advice For Chancellor Dennis Walcott

By Pedro Noguera

Support And Advice For Chancellor Dennis Walcott

New York’s public schools don’t need a savior or a superman. We need a leader with the maturity and vision to draw on the talent and resources in this city.

Closing Schools Won't Fix Them

By Pedro Noguera

Closing Schools Won't Fix Them

The city's Department of Education wants to close 19 more schools that aren't performing well. But will that help disadvantaged students?



Poverty In Brooklyn: A Block by Block Analysis

The Institute for Children, Poverty, & Homelessness provide an in-depth look at New York City's largest borough's poverty rates.

State of the Chains 2012

The Center for an Urban Future's latest report, State of the Chains, 2012, finds that the number of chain stores in New York City increased for the fifth straight year, underscored by especially strong growth among retailers in the Bronx.