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2012 Elections
News: 2012 Elections

Obama Gained Unevenly in Brooklyn

Compared to his 2008 performance, the president saw votes fall in some Kings County districts, but also swung some “red” areas to the blue column, according to newly released results.

Ordeal Faced Rockaways Voters

Citizens in Sandy-struck areas of Queens battled through confusion and long commutes to get to the polls to vote in a presidential race and a hot state Senate contest.

The Bronx Votes: Meaning in a 'Meaningless' Election

In the most expensive election in U.S. history, with the fate of the presidency possibly hinging on a few counties in Ohio, the Bronx is pretty far from the action. But that won't stop hundreds of thousands of Bronxites from exercising their franchise.

Bronx Greens Aim For Bigger Voice

With candidates on the ballot for legislative seats, the Green Party hopes to make a dent in the dominance of two parties with which voters are increasingly disenchanted.

Union Man Leads Race to Replace Tainted Councilman

An organizer for the SEIU 1199 health care union is one of six people seeking the seat of convicted former Coucilmember Larry Seabrook—the only municipal contest this election year.

In New Test for Machines, Worries Over Overvoting

This is the first presidential election for the new optical scan voting machines, and they'll be put to the test in the Bronx, where in 2010 nearly a third of votes were lost because of incorrect marking.

Disappointment with Obama, in Obama Country

The Bronx went solidly for the Democrat in 2008 and likely will back him by a large margin this year. But according to one Democratic pol, that doesn't mean people are satisfied with the president, especially when it comes to his "urban agenda."

Voting for Obama, but Playing Romney

At Bronx Community College, some students took on candidates' roles for a debate, and teachers are seeing a mixture of apathy and interest among other voters on campus.

Bangladeshi Voters Wrestle With Economic Worries

Their immigrant enclave in the Parkchester section is heavily Democratic, but a few voters are wondering if the slow economy is reason to consider a vote for Mitt Romney.

Young Dems to Work The Phones

With voter registration drives, phone banks and an election-night party, the Bronx Young Democrats are trying not just to win votes for President Obama, but to get young citizens engaged in the process.

Aiming Smart Phones at Disenfranchisement

The presidential contest isn't the only story this campaign season: Concern about voter disenfranchisement is another. One group will be employing a specially designed app to prevent any miscarriage in the Bronx.

City Island Undecided as Election Nears

The seaside community is one of the few areas of the Bronx where John McCain prevailed in 2008. A survey of voters found both admiration and disdain for President Obama's time in office.

Deep in the Bluest Borough, a Conservative Blogger

William Gensert has a national following as a conservative blogger opposed to President Obama. In his deeply Democratic neighborhood, however, he avoids talking politics.

NYC's Congressional Delegation: Got Impact?

Of the 13 people who represent parts of the city in Congress, 10 are seeking—and very likely to win—reelection. But what do they do in Washington, on legislation, for their party and for their districts?

From Capitol Hill to Murray Hill: NY's Reps at Home

Members of New York City's congressional delegation help decide national policy. But they also play a role in very local, and even personal, matters. How do they do?

Vote, Donate, Complain: Some Brooklyn Nabes Stand Out

A report on civic engagement found that Borough Park's residents donate the most to charity, East Flatbush is tops when it comes to voting and East New York has 311 on speed dial.

Obama + Romney = Lesson for Brooklyn Students

How do you get today's high school students engaged in American democracy? One Brooklyn high school math teacher is campaigning to improve civic participation by turning pupils into pollsters.

Brooklyn's Red Coast

In heavily Democratic Kings County, there's little suspense in the presidential race. But Mitt Romney's a heavy favorite in a few neighborhoods that favored GOP candidates in 2004 and 2008.

Seeing Green at the City’s Farmers’ Markets

New York City boasts 138 farmers markets, and 58 news ones in the last six years. On a recent sunny Wednesday, a group of reporters from the CUNY Graduate School harvested scenes from the city’s outdoor supermarket.

Push for More Crime Data Stalls in Council

While it regularly publishes precinct crime statistics, the NYPD largely refuses to release data on crime at the level of smaller patrol sectors. It's unclear if Council Speaker Christine Quinn will allow action on a bill to require more disclosure.

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Great nations feature great cities. But American campaigns usually don't. Four years after voters elected a president who pledged to do more for cities, this special investigation follows the effect of federal policy on America's cities.

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Bedford Park: 'I Sure Hope It Counts' - Erin Brodwin

After area redistricting sent some voters to an alternate polling site in Norwood, poll workers said they had prepared to send some away

100-Person Mid-Day Line at Fordham Poll Site - Kathleen Culliton

Said one voter: "A lot of people are saying this isn't normal."

Facilitating Democracy ... For $200 A Day - Kathleen Caulderwood

For four years Paul Bales has worked the polls on election day. He says this year is proving especially challenging.

Confusion in Parkchester, Other Bronx Sites - Elly Yu

“They never notified us. This is about losing our votes. People are getting discouraged,”

Confusion Over Affidavit Voting - Matthew J. Perlman

Some voters received conflicting messages about who could use the special ballots. And some polling places ran out of the documents.

Change of Polling Sites Cause Difficulties for Elderly Voters - Elly Yu

Last-minute changes in polling sites left many voters in the Bronx confused about where to vote and in some cases, even prevented them from voting.

Green Partiers in the Bronx Put in Final Push for Votes - Erin Brodwin

The third party's candidates don't expect to win. But they were happy to “have our voice heard.”

Broken Elevator Slows Voters in U. Heights - Kathleen Caulderwood

Poll workers ran ballots up and down the stairs between elderly voters and the scanners on an upper floor.

Civic Duty vs. Clean-Up Work in Staten Island - Bryan Koenig, Jenny Hollander and Whitney Light

The juxtaposition of storm and ballot could be seen across the borough, with many makeshift polling sites sharing a roof or a plot of land with a relief center.

Despite Some Storm Damage, City Island Voting Smooth - Emily Field

The shoreline neighborhood is pocket of conservatism in the heavily Democratic Bronx. A majority of the voters here voted for McCain in the 2008 election.

Need a Ride to the Polls? - Elly Yu

Pierre Mercredi is spending all day Tuesday volunteering to drive seniors and disabled people to polling stations across the Bronx.

Morris Park: Mixed Views on Voting Machines - Meredith Rosenberg

It's the first presidential race for New York's new optical scan voting machines. Do they get a checkmark or an error message from voters?

Find Your Post-Sandy Voting Site - Jarrett Murphy

Dozens of polling sites across the boroughs have been relocated.

City Limits, CUNY to Highlight Immigrants' Role in '12 Elections - Jarrett Murphy

"The World Votes Here" aims to get a glimpse of the complex and interesting ways in which the city's ethnic enclaves are participating in campaign 2012.



How to Fix NY's Voting System in 10 Easy Steps

By Neal Rosenstein

How to Fix NY's Voting System in 10 Easy Steps

Many city voters will recall the 2012 election chiefly for the long lines and deep confusion they endured. With municipal elections just around the corner, says this writer, this is no way to run a democracy.

What if Campaigns Put Out Aid Instead of Ads?

By Steve Lilienthal

What if Campaigns Put Out Aid Instead of Ads?

Corruption, cronyism—much was wrong with old-fashioned machine politics. But compared to today's campaigns of sound-bites and surveys, yesterday's ward heelers fused genuine relationships between politics and people's lives.

Can NYCHA Be Saved?

By Julia Vitullo-Martin

Can NYCHA Be Saved?

Yes, says this writer, but it will require vision and renewed drive by the Bloomberg administration: Doing a few things better will not be enough.



Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.

FDNY report on fatal fire at 3569 DeKalb Ave.

On an August night in 2002, one young boy was killed and another severely burned in an electrical fire at a building where electrical problems had attracted the attention of regulators and judges. Here are portions of the FDNY report on the incident.