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Community Service Society of New York
News: Community Service Society of New York
The Community Service Society of New York/City Limits

NY Prisoners Counted Differently, But Still Not Voting

Now that they'll be counted in their hometowns rather than where they're incarcerated, state inmates could shift district lines. One thing neither they nor parollees can do, however, is vote.

Bloomberg Housing Plan Hits Milestones, Obstacles

The mayor's ambitious affordable housing initiative is three-quarters to completion. But reshaped by fiscal woes, complicated by other city policies and often outgunned by the private market, what will the plan's long-term impact be?

Leaving Prison, Free ... and Homeless

It's hard for many New Yorkers to find an apartment they can afford. Those getting out of jail or prison face even steeper obstacles—especially those who need not just a place to sleep, but some help adjusting to life on the outside.

Immigrants On Front Lines Of Housing Fight

First-generation New Yorkers are more likely to reside in rent-regulated housing than the rest of us. So as Albany weighs weakening or strengthening rent rules, some immigrants are raising their voices.

Life In A Landmark: Pioneering Public Housing Site Shows Its Age

For residents of First Houses—the Lower East Side site where public housing began in the United States—pride in their historic location is mixed with worries about deterioration inside.

How Health Care Repeal Would Affect New York

Republicans want to reverse President Obama's health care reform law. What would that mean for New Yorkers?

Work In Progress: Residents Get More NYCHA Jobs

Since 1968, public housing authorities nationwide have largely been ignoring a law requiring that they employ residents. Evidence suggests that at NYCHA, at least, that's changing.

No Vacancy: Why Empty Condos Aren't Becoming Affordable Housing

Boom-time overbuilding left thousands of units vacant. But a city program to convert them to affordable housing has found the market uncooperative.

Diagnosing A Defeat: Why The Sick Leave Bill Failed

A measure to ensure all workers have paid sick leave had enough votes to pass the City Council. So why did Speaker Quinn kill it?

Cuomo Housing Plan Praised, Parsed

The economic crisis that dominates campaign 2010 began in the housing market. So what are the gubernatorial candidates—especially frontrunner Andrew Cuomo—saying to owners, tenants and landlords?

Tough Love In The Big City

Kids in New York have often had a lot to fear. So how’d we end up afraid of them?

Drive For Nonpartisan Voting Confronts '03 Failure

Those pushing the Charter Revision Commission to propose an end to party primaries say politics has changed since voters rejected a similar bid seven years ago.

Like A Canyon

A black-white divide in America's workforce.

Where It Hurts

The costs of black unemployment

Learning For The Long Term
Or A Job For Right Now?

Groups providing education and training for high school dropouts say the city's new rules for spending millions in Workforce Investment dollars won't achieve the best outcomes.

The City's Latest
Hirings and Retirings

The new decade brings fresh faces to nonprofits large and small and a host of city agencies - along with a major gap in state housing leadership.

Taking A Break ... To Bring
You More of What's Breaking

A note to readers about our changing publication schedule, and the exciting content that lies just around the corner.

From The Publisher's Desk:
City Limits' New Chapter

Under new ownership, this reliable fixture of civic life will grow while staying true to its roots.

Poverty Fighters Get
Their Own Consultancy

An institute forms to assemble, develop and spread the word about successful services and programs for lower-income people.

Making Welfare Work
And Making Work Pay

New state funding increases are aimed at helping the poor and working poor -- but they're still behind.

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The Community Service Society of New York uses research and advocacy programs to fight poverty in New York City. CSS helps families in need by investigating their economic situations and proposing feasible solutions including a three-point action plan called an Urban Agenda.

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Half of Recovery Jobs Offer Low Wages. So Raise Them!

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