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Center for an Urban Future
News: Center for an Urban Future
Center for an Urban Future/City Limits

Bike Plan Aims to Get Bronx Armory on Track

In 2009 a controversy over wages scuttled a plan to build a mall in the long-empty Kingsbridge Armory. Now there's a plan to host bike races there. Is a renovation project finally getting in gear?

Can Job Training Reduce Unemployment?

Governments are pouring money into job skills programs as a way of combating poverty. But what jobs are participants being prepared for?

The Casualties

"A lot of small businesses aren't getting the assistance they need to become more competitive."

The Survivors

"People want to shop local. There is a big movement around it, and people understand it."

Small Businesses On The Edge In Bay Ridge

In an excerpt from the City Limits magazine investigation of small businesses in New York, a look at the holdouts along increasingly chain-ganged 86th Street.

The Holdouts

"If it doesn't start doing something soon, I'm going to be out of business after 26 years."

BIDs These Days

The ups and downs of Business Improvement Districts

Where It Hurts

The costs of black unemployment

Now What?

The Struggle for a Solution

Coalition Battles Gov's Cuts

Business leaders and immigrant advocates have joined forces to resist cuts to English classes for New York's new arrivals.

Pension Pressures Could
Worsen Nurse Shortage

New York City's health care facilities already are short-staffed when it comes to nurses. Now pension problems could push more out the door.

Middle Class Blues
In A City Of Extremes

It's a difficult moment to be middle class in New York City -- but a new study shows how to keep these residents at home in the five boroughs.

Churches 'Foster'
New Family Ties

A group of Queens congregations is working together to recruit and nurture new foster parents.

Now That Caseworker Ratio
Is Good, Cut the Budget

Amid citywide reductions, ACS tries to hang onto internal progress toward child protection and a revamped foster care framework.

Theme And Variations
On Deprivation And Dignity

A new book includes perspectives on poverty in America both from scholars and those with firsthand experience.

State's Working Poor Face
Low Pay And High Costs

A new report shows trends have not improved for working families. But instituting better ways to increase workers' skills and earn a living wage could help.

In Summertime, the
Street Is For Park-ing

Around the city where recreational space is scarce, people are taking to the streets.

The Changing Face
Of Foster Care In NYC

Institutionalized foster care for teens appears to be reaching the end of an era.

Vocational Education
Means Schools That Work

A report from the Center for an Urban Future finds that New York is neglecting the potential of career and technical high schools.


In a new report, the Center for an Urban Future finds that New York City could become a hub of the growing video game industry, but must overcome challenges first.

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The Center for an Urban Future is a think tank organization that focuses on civic issues, criminal justice, and local New York politics. It is spearheaded by director Jonathan Bowles and consists of articles written by policy researchers that can connect with New York civic subjects.

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Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.

State of the Chains 2012

The Center for an Urban Future's latest report, State of the Chains, 2012, finds that the number of chain stores in New York City increased for the fifth straight year, underscored by especially strong growth among retailers in the Bronx.