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Make The Road

Diagnosing A Defeat: Why The Sick Leave Bill Failed

A measure to ensure all workers have paid sick leave had enough votes to pass the City Council. So why did Speaker Quinn kill it?

Student Safety Act Passes City Council

Third time’s the charm for the bill, which requires detailed reporting on school crime, arrests, suspensions and expulsions.

Vandals Deface LGBT Homeless Shelter For Youth

The attack came two days after a New York State Senate bill that would have outlawed discrimination against transgender and gender-bending people was defeated.

Asthma In New York: Old News, New Battles

Fights over congestion pricing and the city's sanitation strategy have receded from the headlines. But in North Brooklyn, worry is still in the air.

A Push To Lodge Homeless In Vacant Buildings

Hundreds of NYC's luxury residential developments are vacant. Advocates want them opened to the homeless.

Tenants Descend on Albany With Demands

More than 400 New Yorkers went to Albany today to demand greater protections for tenants, including a bill that would repeal vacancy decontrol.

Latinos in NYC Embrace Census

Rather than play a high-stakes game around the U.S. Census in March, immigration activists in New York are poised to play a crucial role in the federal debate on immigration law reform.

First Stop, Rikers.
Next Stop, Colombia?

Immigrant advocates are trying to separate local police work from federal immigration enforcement.

Who's In Charge Here, Anyway?

A bill before City Council would reveal the people behind each LLC.

Getting Lost On the Way
To the Principal's Office

Clear lines of accountability for student discipline are needed in the era of police officers staffing public school hallways, say advocates and officials pushing for new rules.

Intrigues and Immigrants:
A Soap Opera For Learners

An earnest new educational show attempts to close the gap between NYC's many English language learners and too few affordable language classes.

Getting The Lead Out:
Paint Still A Concern

The city's efforts have greatly reduced lead poisoning among children. But those who still suffer say officials must tighten enforcement if they're serious about ending the problem.

'A Legal Practice
Well Worth Doing'

Community lawyering models get a boost from this new study of one legal services provider.

Can Public Assistance
Be More User-Friendly?

The Human Resources Administration isn't interested in measures that officials and advocates are proposing.

Born Outside the U.S.
And Keen To Cast A Vote

Not only did immigrants demonstrate their voting power this year, they're organizing for greater muscle in future elections.

Who's Keeping Them Safe?
School Oversight Advances

A move to increase accountability among those charged with protecting students is gaining support.

How to Say 'HPD'
In Yiddish or Yoruba

In a polyglot city, public agencies struggle with exactly how multilingual they should be.

Retail Workers Celebrate
Million-Dollar Victory

Will the organizing model that won back wages and overtime for shop employees have staying power?

Trying To Make It Safer
To Do A Dangerous Job

Too many construction workers are dying, say officials and industry leaders who are working for change.

If You Don't 'Get It,' You
Might Not Get Benefits

A survey of language translation services at city welfare offices finds obstacles for those with limited English skills.

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Make The Road New York (MRNY) is a Latino and working class advocacy group that operates in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island. The organization advocates for issues that are important to the city’s Latino and LGBT communities through organized events, policy innovation, and transformative education.

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