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Urban Planning and Policy
News: Urban Planning and Policy

Borough's Community Boards Push for Greater Impact

Training members and securing funds to hire city planning advisers is critical, officials say.

Progress Seen on NYCHA Repairs in East Brooklyn

In November residents extracted a promise from the authority to deal with a massive maintenance backlog. Some 75 percent of those tasks are done. But the list of things to fix is still growing.

Juvenile Justice Reform Falls Short of Goals

The Close to Home initiative was supposed to move detained kids to less restrictive settings and improve their ability to complete their education. That hasn't happened.

Details Delayed For Long-Stalled NYCHA Project

After being torn down for a redevelopment that proved too pricey to complete, Prospect Plaza is being replaced by a mix of public- and affordable housing. The metrics of that mix are still being worked out.

Students, Teachers Say Roll-Out of New GED Has Been Flawed

They say they haven't had the resources and preparation to gear up for the newer, tougher TASC exam.

Concerns Over Private Firm Managing Some NYCHA Properties

The move to bring in outside management for some of the authority's Section 8 properties is not the first, but comes at a sensitive time for the agency.

New, Tougher GED Has Students Scrambling

With more rigorous standards for the high-school equivalency diplomas set to arrive in 2014—and get harder after that—people are racing to prep for and take the test now.

Negotiations Over Armory End as Vote Nears

The developer of a proposed ice-center and its community allies are no longer attempting to sway Councilman Fernando Cabrera to support their plan for the Kingsbridge Armory.

Brooklyn Tenants Get Vow of NYCHA Fixes

Over 450 tenants presented housing authority officials a long list of maintenance and repair needs, and got a promise that fixes would be made by Christmas, organizers say.

Lessons of Willets Point: Will A New Mayor Do Development Differently?

Perhaps no project embodied the Bloomberg administration's development style better than Willets Point. Will Joe Lhota or Bill de Blasio change that approach?

Five BK Councilmembers Will Let Residents Shape Budget

The city's participatory budgeting experiment moves into its third cycle, with Brooklyn more deeply bought in than the other boroughs.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Public Housing

This city in a city—the nation's oldest and largest public housing system—faces operating shortfalls and a huge list of capital needs. How can City Hall protect this resource?

Pols Aggressively Shaping Bronx Community Boards

The sway that the borough president and councilmembers have over the boards isn't new. But the past year has seen several high-profile instances of officials using that power.

Sheridan Foes Hope to Fix Road They Couldn't Kill

Residents and advocates were disappointed the city didn't just shut down the short, troublesome highway. Now they're backing a city plan to at least improve it.

Graduation Day: Bloomberg's Babies Grow Up

In the final installment of our Class of 2013 series, we watch the seniors we've met this year as they leave New York City public schools for the big, "real" world.

New Charter High School Will Be Closed to Transfer Students

The DOE is planting seeds for charters to expand in city schools even after Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. But some of the new resources will only be open to those who won charter lotteries in the early grades.

East New York Elderly Fight Displacement

A new senior housing development in the neighborhood aims not just to address a citywide senior housing shortage, but also to create a foothold for the aged amid new real-estate investment.

FreshDirect Job Vows: At Odds with Environmental Claims?

The grocery deliverer says it will create thousands of jobs in the South Bronx, but that expansion disappears when the firm analyzes its environmental impact.

Mayoral Hopefuls Asked: How to Pay for Public Housing?

At a weekend forum the Democrats running for mayor all disparaged a plan to build market-rate housing on NYCHA land.

Class of 2013: Tech Students Eye Careers As Reforms Stall

In our year-long series on the Bloomberg administration's final high-school class, we meet students at a Career and Technical high school in Staten Island.

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In New York, the Department of City Planning (DCP) is responsible for changes in zoning, transit, and sustainable communities, among many other facets of the city infrastructure. Recently, Mayor Bloomberg and the DCP have drafted plans to reclaim New York’s title as a premier waterfront city by reconnecting people with waterfront and waterways. Additionally, Mayor Bloomberg has closed traffic in parts of Times Square to give more access to pedestrians.

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NYC's Housing Crunch is Part of National Crisis - Jarrett Murphy

A new report finds renters are being priced out of housing across the country—not because of a lack of supply, but because of the inadequacy of our incomes.

For New Planning Chief, Process as Important as Product - Jarrett Murphy

Carl Weisbrod will have huge influence over individual rezoning plans. But some planners want him to think more about the process the city uses to plot its future course.

A Reading List for De Blasio's New Schools Chancellor - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits' award-winning education coverage touches on some of the key issues Carmen Farina will face.

Report: Three-Quarters Houses Are Troubled but Valued - Jarrett Murphy

Informal homes for people with substance abuse problems or re-entering society after a stint in prison often violate the building code and tenants' rights. But tenants prefer them to the street.

City Wants to Shrink Four Zoned High Schools - Helen Zelon

By limiting enrollment—and therefore eliminating the schools' commitment to accept all neighborhood kids who wanted to come—DOE says it will improve students' options.

What’s Not to Like About the Cuomo Budget? - Jarrett Murphy

Amid a sea of praise for Gov. Cuomo's second budget, advocates for low-income New Yorkers raised complaints. That, plus the latest on NYCHA, city job creation and the sick leave bill —all in our policy roundup.

Report: NYCHA Residents' Unemployment Has Nearly Tripled - Jarrett Murphy

Residents of NYCHA developments and people receiving Section 8 subsidies post an estimated 27 percent unemployment rate, says a new study, but there are new opportunities to lower it.

NYCHA Big Says (Again) That Mass Layoffs May Be Coming - Ruth Ford

The Housing Authority's Chairman John Rhea warned of 3,000 layoffs unless the federal government moves to close a billion-dollar gap in public housing funding.

Who's Afraid Of The Prospect Park West Bike Lane? - Jarrett Murphy

Watch City Limits' environment and transit correspondent Jake Mooney discuss what he found when he looked into the controversy over a Brooklyn bike lane.



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Multifamily Resiliency Measures

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Does Poverty Cause Child Abuse?

By Dawn Post

Does Poverty Cause Child Abuse?

Poor parents are no more likely to hurt or neglect their kids, the author argues. They're just more likely to be punished for failings both real and imagined.

Custody Battle Delays Mean Kids Grow Up in Family Court

By Dawn Post

Custody Battle Delays Mean Kids Grow Up in Family Court

A shortage of judges means some children and their families spend years in the system, exacerbating whatever problems brought them there in the first place.

NYC's Silent Infrastructure Challenge: Aging Public Buildings

By Adam Forman

NYC's Silent Infrastructure Challenge: Aging Public Buildings

When New Yorkers think about aging infrastructure, bridges, roads and pipes come to mind. But schools, hospitals, jails and other public buildings aren't getting any younger, either.

How to Keep the Public in Public Housing

By Tom Angotti and Sylvia Morse

How to Keep the Public in Public Housing

Mayor de Blasio's move to cut fees the city charges NYCHA is just one step toward making public housing vibrant and sustainable in New York.

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

By Caitlin Johnson

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

Conservatives want armed guards in the schools. Some liberals want to call in the National Guard if school violence threatens. What do those at risk—kids in school—say we should do after Newtown?



The Process of Protection

A flowchart of the child welfare protection system in New York City.

Freight Data in NYC: Supplemental Statistics

From a report to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Authors: José Holguín-Veras, Ph.D., P.E.; Jeff Ban, Ph.D.; Miguel Jaller M.S; Lisa Destro and Robyn Marquis. For more information, see