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Participatory Budgeting
News: Participatory Budgeting

Five BK Councilmembers Will Let Residents Shape Budget

The city's participatory budgeting experiment moves into its third cycle, with Brooklyn more deeply bought in than the other boroughs.

Project Has Citizens Making Budget Choices

A pilot effort is under way in four City Council districts to give constituents some say in which capital projects are funded. Amid successes and snags, there are signs the initiative is getting citizens more engaged in government.

Kensington: What Price a Dog Park?

In Councilman Brad Lander's district, citizen budget delegates learned quickly how expensive simple projects can be. But they also found much could be accomplished without spending a dime.

Rockaways: A Line in the Sand

Citizen budget delegates in City Councilman Eric Ulrich's district focused on two neglected neighborhoods—including one where a wall between the city and the sea has become a subject for debate.

Flatbush: What Would You Do With $1M?

Solar panels. Security cameras. A new church roof. There was no shortage of ideas for citizen budget delegates to consider in Councilman Jumaane Williams' district. But not all of them could work.

East Harlem: Of 500 Budget Ideas, a Few Survive

Delegates in Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's district had to get savvy about how to get the maximum out of their million. So they expanded the scope of potential projects and limited the number they'd consider.

Borrowing an experiment in direct democracy from Brazil, constituents in four City Council districts are getting a direct say in how $1 million of discretionary capital funding is spent.

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Participatory Budgeting: Catch the Fever!

By Sondra Youdelman

Participatory Budgeting: Catch the Fever!

First there were four. Then there 10. This year 22 Councilmembers will let constituents decide how to spend money. The dollar impact is impressive. The democracy impact could be even more so.



Participatory Budgeting NYC Brochure

Details on a pilot participatory budgeting project in which citizen delegates decide how capital funding is spent.

Orientation for citizen budget delegates: District 45

Guidance for participants in the Flatbush/Flatlands Brooklyn portion of a pilot participatory budgeting project in which citizen delegates decide how capital funding is spent.