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News: CityTime

Privatization's Risks Involve More Than Money

Not only has city spending on outside contractors swelled in the past decade. The role of private firms in developing city policy has expanded. Have accountability and transparency kept pace?

From Buses to Special Ed, Contractors' Role in Schools Questioned

Many private firms' projects in city schools have not been "disasters." But that doesn't mean these multimillion-dollar projects are the best way for a school system to spend its money.

Can Private Advice Save A Threatened Public Realm?

From schools to public housing to hospitals that serve the poor, private firms are being brought in to rescue remnants of an earlier, more ambitious era of government.

Behind-The-Scenes Ethics Board Seeks New Power

In a time of growing concern over government ethics, the Conflict of Interest Board wants more investigative authority—but not more publicity. Much of its work is confidential.

Feds Indict 6 For Defrauding Controversial CityTime Program

The charges involve the misappropriation of $80 million, and revolve around a company whose questionable ties to a city official were first reported by City Limits.

Comptroller Moves
To Rein In CityTime

An unfinished system to track city employees' hours already costs 10 times what was budgeted. What now?

After WTC Attacks, More Surveillance at Work

A 2005 survey found that keystroke monitoring was used by 36 percent of companies queried. Fifty-five percent of companies perused employee e-mail messages and 76 percent tracked websites visited by employees.

Time-Out Proposed
For CityTime System

A Councilman calls for a moratorium on the city's biometric timekeeping method.

A Show of Hands:
City Workers Resist Tracking

As more agencies implement a controversial biometric system for city employees, new questions emerge about the costs, contractors and their ties to city government.


As a new record-keeping system for city employees is rolled out, some union members protest a 21st-century time clock.

City Limits' reporting on the Bloomberg Administration's controversial employee time tracking system CityTime.

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