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News: Trucks

Sheridan Foes Hope to Fix Road They Couldn't Kill

Residents and advocates were disappointed the city didn't just shut down the short, troublesome highway. Now they're backing a city plan to at least improve it.

FreshDirect Job Vows: At Odds with Environmental Claims?

The grocery deliverer says it will create thousands of jobs in the South Bronx, but that expansion disappears when the firm analyzes its environmental impact.

Traffic, Pollution, Accidents: Are Trucks to Blame?

Whether we're breathing their exhaust or stuck behind one on an exit ramp, most New Yorkers hate trucks. But their complex impact on urban ills—and their key role in the city's economy—have thwarted efforts to limit the damage.

Truck Policies Face Rocky Road

New parking rules? Night deliveries? Congestion pricing? There are plenty of ideas for how to reduce the impact of trucks on city life. The trouble is finding one that works for truckers, businesses and consumers.

Snapshot: 200 Miles on One Block

A look at where the trucks making deliveries on one Manhattan block, during one recent hour, came from.

Whether we're breathing their exhaust or stuck behind one on an exit ramp, most New Yorkers hate trucks. But trucks' imprint on the city is complex: They don't cause most traffic, but they have a bigger environmental impact when they do. At the same time, they're essential to the city's economic function. There are lots of ideas for how to solve the truck problem. Will they deliver?

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Trash Fight is Sequel to Bloomberg Battle - Jarrett Murphy

A bill to cap how much city trash each neighborhood has to handle hardens the targets of a policy first approved nine years ago.



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Statistics on Trucks in New York City

A look at the industries and neighborhoods most affected by trucks.

Freight Data in NYC: Supplemental Statistics

From a report to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Authors: José Holguín-Veras, Ph.D., P.E.; Jeff Ban, Ph.D.; Miguel Jaller M.S; Lisa Destro and Robyn Marquis. For more information, see