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Fiscal Woes, Long-Held Fears Spur Waste-to-Energy Debate

New York is thinking about diverting garbage from out-of-state landfills and using it to generate electricity locally. The plan pits concerns about city spending and carbon emissions against fears of environmental injustice.

Is Brooklyn Recycling?

A look at recycling rates by community district reveals a broad reduction in how much of Brooklyn's waste stream gets recycled—and big differences among neighborhoods.

East Harlem: Of 500 Budget Ideas, a Few Survive

Delegates in Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's district had to get savvy about how to get the maximum out of their million. So they expanded the scope of potential projects and limited the number they'd consider.

Driving? Fuhgeddabout it! Brooklyn Stats Say Transit Rules

A new report paints the most detailed statistical picture ever of Brooklyn and its 18 community districts, and suggests residents today are less poor, better educated, paying more for housing and more likely to ride mass transit than in 2000.

Occupy Wall Street's Sanitation Committee Saves the Day

Even before Thursday's massive cleaning session, the park was relatively clean.

Defeated In Court, Waste Station's Foes Take To The Streets

Opponents of a planned East 91st Street waste transfer station say the city should reconsider alternatives. But advocates from other neighborhoods believe the site is right for establishing a fairer sanitation system.

Making Plans: What Other Cities Say About Their Futures

Some U.S. cities are guided by comprehensive plans for physical growth and government spending. Do the likes of Portland and Miami have something to teach New York?

Commercial Waste & Recycling Get City Scrutiny

NYC wants to know how frequently various types of business recycle, which is a good question considering that for about 18 years the law has required it.

The City on Defense

Dismissing questions about health

New York’s Eccentric Road Signs

A city with as much gall as ours doesn’t wimp out, even at road signs.

Grassroots Earth Week 2010 Festivities

Opportunities to celebrate, learn, and recycle with the community through May 1

Union Wage Push Meets Resistance

The City Council might require buildings that receive tax breaks to pay their staff higher wages. The real estate industry opposes the idea. Where does the mayor stand?

Ecuadorians In NYC
Mull A Migration Home

Ecuadorian immigrants living in New York weigh incentives to return home amid the city's economic downturn.

Second In Command:
The Veteran's Case

In his comeback run for public advocate, Mark Green is trading on his earlier stint in the post while acknowledging the city has changed. The fourth in a five-part series on the race for the Number Two spot in city government.

A Week At City Council

After the term limits vote and before the 2009 race heats up, the new issue of CLI takes a close look at the city's legislature.

Get Up, Stand Up: Council
Ranked On Human Rights

A new report looks well beyond potholes and street names to grade City Council members on their support for human rights.

Lemurs At The Lion House:
Exotic And Energy-Saving

A grand old building at the Bronx Zoo becomes young again with a unique environmental credential - and plenty of animals too.

Is 'Green' The Place
To Look For Job Growth?

Workforce leaders convened to begin making a real plan for New Yorkers to identify and obtain jobs in the sustainability sector.

Water Fees Soak the Poor
To Generate City Revenue

A hefty water rate hike hits lower-income residents hardest -- and not just to pay for water use.


This book documents the history, politics and meaning of undesirable facility placement - and resistance.

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City Limits' investigative reporting covers health and public health, parks and green spaces, and environmental justice.

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The Twists and Turns of Green-Wood

Saturday, April 19, 2014
1:00p - 3:00p

Midtown Pregnancy Support Center 2014 Annual Benefit - Reach NYC

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Free Head and Neck Cancer Screenings

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Feds' Green Could Be Even Greener

By Denise Scott

Feds' Green Could Be Even Greener

Federal weatherization funding can be used to address not only the energy efficiency of buildings but also their financial sustainability, resident health and safety, all while upgrading green skills for workers.



Photo Slideshow: Tackling Poverty Brooklyn

Held on Wednesday October 3rd at Galapagos Art Space in downtown Brooklyn, the inaugural series in our Tackling Poverty Conversation & Networking Series brought advocates, researchers, elected officials and ordinary citizens together to discuss strategies for improving New York City's education outcomes.

Off the Waterfront

A thriving seaport may get downsized - and take New York's shipping industry with it.