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High Schools
News: High Schools
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College Readiness: One Star Student's Struggle

Shevanna Cole's high-school performance was so sound it got her on NY1 and into a private college. But that didn't mean the transition to undergraduate life was easy.

Getting Kids Ready for College, Beyond the Classroom

“College readiness” is the new education buzzword. But being prepared for college is about more than academic training, especially for kids who are the first in their families to attend.

Students, Teachers Say Roll-Out of New GED Has Been Flawed

They say they haven't had the resources and preparation to gear up for the newer, tougher TASC exam.

New, Tougher GED Has Students Scrambling

With more rigorous standards for the high-school equivalency diplomas set to arrive in 2014—and get harder after that—people are racing to prep for and take the test now.

Graduation Day: Bloomberg's Babies Grow Up

In the final installment of our Class of 2013 series, we watch the seniors we've met this year as they leave New York City public schools for the big, "real" world.

New Charter High School Will Be Closed to Transfer Students

The DOE is planting seeds for charters to expand in city schools even after Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. But some of the new resources will only be open to those who won charter lotteries in the early grades.

Class of 2013: Tech Students Eye Careers As Reforms Stall

In our year-long series on the Bloomberg administration's final high-school class, we meet students at a Career and Technical high school in Staten Island.

Class of 2013: Life in the Sweet Spot

Amid the debate over whether small high schools have fixed—or added to—problems with large city high schools, four students at "Tele" are happy to be stuck in the middle.

Obama + Romney = Lesson for Brooklyn Students

How do you get today's high school students engaged in American democracy? One Brooklyn high school math teacher is campaigning to improve civic participation by turning pupils into pollsters.

Class of 2013: Bloomberg's Babies Start Senior Year

In the first installment of a year-long series following members of the final graduating class under Michael Bloomberg, we meet two seniors whose high-school careers reflect the impact of the mayor's reforms.

Who Killed John Dewey High?

In the '60s it was an ambitious experiment in progressive education. Today John Dewey High graduates its final class after being closed as a failing high school. What led the Gravesend facility from success to shut-down?

Fear of School Closure Is Personal for This Principal

Whether Bed-Stuy's Boys and Girls High School—with its declining enrollment and F ratings—survives is not just a professional concern for Principal Bernard Gassaway. His classroom roots, his former marriage, his career ambitions are all tied to the building on Fulton Street.

Students Protest Armory's
Disappearing High Schools

A painstakingly negotiated redevelopment plan was to include two new schools - but now there are none.


Education czar Joel Klein's plan to reorganize several high schools meant for the city's oldest, most troubled students could slowly squeeze those kinds of kids out of the system altogether.

Over one million public school students attend one of the 1,700 high schools scattered throughout New York City's five neighborhoods. In a city as diverse as New York, it is common to see economic prosperity vary from school to school.

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Tech Schools Offer Chance to Boost Graduation: Report - Jarrett Murphy

The biggest problem with the city's Career and Technical Education schools, finds a new report, is that there are too few of them.

A Reading List for De Blasio's New Schools Chancellor - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits' award-winning education coverage touches on some of the key issues Carmen Farina will face.

City Wants to Shrink Four Zoned High Schools - Helen Zelon

By limiting enrollment—and therefore eliminating the schools' commitment to accept all neighborhood kids who wanted to come—DOE says it will improve students' options.

Beyond Elites, College Readiness Is Low - Helen Zelon

In his annual address, Mayor Bloomberg touted increased college readiness in the city's high schools. But more than half the students deemed college ready attend New York's top-ranked facilities.



NYC Needs More College Counselors

By Beth Zasloff and Joshua Steckel

NYC Needs More College Counselors

The school system has made college readiness a priority. A key—and often missing—ingredient to a successful transition to college is for kids to have some guidance getting there.

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

By Caitlin Johnson

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

Conservatives want armed guards in the schools. Some liberals want to call in the National Guard if school violence threatens. What do those at risk—kids in school—say we should do after Newtown?

Demography & Destiny: College Readiness in New York

By Norm Fruchter

Demography & Destiny: College Readiness in New York

When Mayor Bloomberg took charge of New York's schools, he highlighted wide racial gaps in school achievement as a rationale for reform. A new study finds those disparities persist—and suggests ways to address them.



New York City's Agencies by Race/Ethnic Breakdown

A judge has scolded New York City for failing to address discrimination at the Fire Department, which is one—but far from the only—city agency with a racial skew. City Limits has compiled a chart, based on December 2009 data, that highlights the racial breakdown of New York City's agencies.