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Stop and Frisk Policy
News: Stop and Frisk Policy

Brownsville: What Will NYPD 'Impact' Changes Mean?

Residents are divided over whether tweaks to the high-intensity policing program are cause for concern or celebration.

Life at the Epicenter of Stop-and-Frisk

No precinct saw more police stops in 2011 than the 75th in East New York, and no patrol sector in the 7-5 had more encounters than Sector E. There, realism about crime and resentment of the police go hand-in-hand.

Life in Sector E: Top Spots for NYPD Stops

Take a look at where police made the most stops in sector E, the area that saw the most stop-and-frisk activity in 2011 in Brooklyn's 75th precinct.

One Day in the Life of Stop-and-Frisk

On May 13, 2011, police made 56 stops in one sector of the 75th precinct. A minute-by-minute account of who was stopped, why and what happened.

NYPD Sued Over Stop-And-Frisk List

The New York Civil Liberties Union claims that the city's database of people stopped by police violates a state law requiring some criminal records to be sealed.

Why Not Ease Up
On Stop and Frisk?

Critics of police policy say stopping half a million mostly innocent New Yorkers takes too steep a toll on freedom and dignity. With crime way down, now's the time to give the practice a rest.

More Than Words?
Bloomberg and Race

The mayor has earned admiration from many quarters for improving the tenor of race relations. But the impact of his policies on blacks and Latinos give fodder to fans and foes alike.

Slings In Run For Mayor

Though City Councilman Tony Avella and "Reverend" Billy Talen have an uphill battle to beat Goliath this fall, they're banking on grassroots dissent against Bloomberg to propel their bids for office.

Teens Learn Their Rights
In Time To Exercise Them

Between encountering cops on the streets and safety agents in the schools, young people can use some advice about when and how to question authority.

How Free? Liberties In Post-9/11 New York

Around the five boroughs, New Yorkers are divided over the freedom they have, what they are willing to give up and what they already may have lost.

For Justice System, 9/11 Aftershocks

Secret evidence, new anti-terrorism laws, and special restrictions on lawyers who handle terrorism cases are among the ways today's criminal justice system differs from pre-9/11 days.

Has Government Transparency Suffered?

The Bloomberg administration has made much of city government more transparent. But the mayor and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly have kept their share of secrets too.

Suits Vs. NYPD Move To
Challenge Stop And Frisk

A powerful private organization -- one of the few groups to see contested police data -- receives a subpoena to share the goods.

After Bell Ruling, Will
NYPD Policies Change?

Recommendations on how to prevent a similar shooting flow from within and without the police department.

Is NYPD Oversight Just
Spinning Its Wheels?

The chorus that claims the Civilian Complaint Review Board doesn't have enough impact grows louder.

Arrested Youths Demand
Better Police Treatment

A mass arrest in Brooklyn is leading the young people involved to work for substantive change in their relations with the police.


The City Council hearings that will inform recommendations to the New York Police Department aren't over, and neither is the range of feelings that they're either beneficial, ineffectual or unnecessary.


But the department still hasn't fulfilled its reporting requirements, say several experts, and outside groups may take action.


City Council will hold hearings this month on '50 shots' case.

Department of Corrections

Costly lawsuits from mistreated suspects have caused cities and states to start monitoring police officers' performance. But even after paying out tens of millions of dollars for illegal strip searches, the NYPD would rather fight it out in court.

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No precinct saw more police stops in 2011 than the 75th Precinct in East New York, Brooklyn. Within that sprawling district, one seven-by-nine block area was the site of more police encounters than anywhere else in the area. We spoke to residents about what life is like at the epicenter of a controversial law enforcement strategy.

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The Death and Life of Stop-and-Frisk - Jarrett Murphy

A new report looks back on 11 years of a controversial policy.

Resisting Arrest: Is There a Trend? - Jarrett Murphy

The head of the NYPD says more people are resisting arrest. What do the statistics indicate? <b>Updated</b>

Stop-and-Frisk, Already Dying, Gets Buried - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's move to settle a lawsuit over the NYPD practice closes one chapter in the history of the NYPD. The next one is now being written.

Checking the Math on Race and Stop-and-Frisk - Jarrett Murphy

How relevant are murder statistics—or even more comprehensive violent crime numbers—in evaluating stop and frisk?

Bloomberg Invokes Terrorism in Case Against NYPD Reforms - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor suggested that Council proposals could lead to more murders, create deadly confusion among police officers and perhaps even make it easier for terrorists to strike the city.



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NYPD stops and outcomes in Sector E, Precinct 75

City Limits analysis of NYPD data on the stop-and-frisk program in one patrol sector of East New York's 75th Precinct.

Race and ethnicity of people stopped by police in Pct. 75, Sector E

City Limits analysis of NYPD data on the stop-and-frisk program in patrol sector E of the 75th Precinct in East New York, Brooklyn.