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Payday Loans
News: Payday Loans
J. Murphy, E. Kaplan/City Limits

Payday Loans, Illegal on the Street, Thrive in New York's Cyberspace

Of the 18 states that ban or strictly regulate payday loans, New York's is the toughest. But that hasn't stopped online lenders from finding customers in the Empire State and charging sky-high rates for small loans.

Subprime Plastic: A Tricky Alternative to Payday Loans

For borrowers with poor credit, there are alternatives to payday loans, but they come with strings attached.

Lead Generators Play Key Payday Role

The online payday loan surge is driven in part by online lead generators who sweep cyberspace for prospective borrowers and, for a fee, steer them to Internet lenders.

New York State has one of the nation's toughest bans on payday lending, which involves small loans that come with high interest rates. But the ban hasn't stopped online lenders from operating in the Empire State. Is this online usury, or a case of the market connecting consumers with few options to a service they need?

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Seen Here First: State Cracks Down on Payday Lenders - Jarrett Murphy

The state's financial regulator subpoenaed more than a dozen firms linked to the provision of high-cost loans that the Empire State has banned.



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