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Con Edison
News: Con Edison
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/City Limits

For Some Landlords, It's Not Easy Going Green

If New York is to meet PlanNYC's goals, apartment buildings must get greener. While property owners and tenants both benefit from more efficient systems, getting them up and running takes a different kind of green.

As City Plants Trees, Benefits—and Some Burdens—Grow

The city’s MillionTrees program fights asthma and global warming. But tightening maintenance budgets, increasingly severe weather and decades-old planting decisions complicate trees’ contribution.

Green Energy Company Gets New, Fossil-Fuel Burning Owner

As environmentally laudable as Green Mountain’s Energy's product may be, the company has long had corporate ties to the fossil fuel industry, and those ties have only gotten closer.

Got Juice?: Choices Loom After Power Project's Demise

A year after the collapse of a plan for new transmission lines to New York City, questions remain. Was the need for new infrastructure a myth? Or are tougher choices ahead for consumers?

A Score Of Companies Could Share Bill For Gowanus Cleanup

The Brooklyn canal's Superfund designation has triggered a hunt for the corporations responsible for more than a century of pollution.

Con Ed To Clean Up
Contaminated Waterway

Sediment in the Flushing River has been found to contain cancer-causing PCBs.

Con Ed Economics

Downsizing Con Ed’s in-person payment offices may be inconvenient for its customers, but it’s a boon to check cashing businesses.


In a move consumer advocates say will hurt immigrants and seniors, Con Edison is preparing to close its last four service centers that accept last-minute cash payments, primarily from the company’s poorest customers. And in doing this, they are also helping grow an at-times unfriendly business: check cashers.


Closing a dirty generating plant in Murray Hill means Con Ed will open a new one on 14th Street. But local residents argue that the new plant won't be clean enough.

Consolidated Edison is a major electricity and power provider in New York City. On June 30th 2012, over eight thousand unionized workers were locked out of the company due to a failure in contract renewal negotiations.

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NYC DOE Fact Sheet on Closure of PS 102

The city school system has targeted 24 schools for closure, and released dossiers on each of the institutions it seeks to shutter. This one covers PS 102 in the Bronx.