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Success, Struggle as Library Branches Fill Gap in Services

The city's library branches offer a dizzying array of services, from job-search help to literacy lessons to fiction writers' circles. But limits on space and money could hamper the systems' ability to reach potential.

De Blasio Era Doesn't Discourage Bronx Charter School Applicant

A New Jersey charter chain is looking to launch a school in the Belmont section of the Bronx. It will avoid the co-location controversy, but has encountered others in its past.

Students, Teachers Say Roll-Out of New GED Has Been Flawed

They say they haven't had the resources and preparation to gear up for the newer, tougher TASC exam.

In Branch Libraries, Fewer Books But High Demand

Many of the city's branch libraries feature half-empty shelves, reflecting budget constraints more than changing readership demands.

State Grant Helps 2 Sunset Park After-School Sites

The community school model—in which schools are used as a hub to address a range of community needs—is already in use in the neighborhood.

Budgets Cut, But NYC's Libraries Thrive—For Now

Free access to technology, help for immigrants, a safe space for kids. Branch libraries play an increasingly important role. But funding hasn't kept up. Will the lack of support undermine a critical civic resource?

Frustration at Lack of Sites to Ease School Crowding in Sunset Park

Some parents are willing to look at locations on the west side of hazardous Third Avenue, while others want the city to consider using eminent domain.

Advocates to de Blasio: Fix Childcare System

The mayor-elect's campaign was focused on pre-K, but some want a focus on day-care for younger kids. The city's current system has empty seats but also faces overwhelming demand.

New, Tougher GED Has Students Scrambling

With more rigorous standards for the high-school equivalency diplomas set to arrive in 2014—and get harder after that—people are racing to prep for and take the test now.

City Schools Ask State to Waive Librarian Requirements

Citing fiscal pressure, the schools want to use in-classroom libraries and parent volunteers instead of certified librarians. Critics say kids need more than that.

Class in the Classroom: The Income Gap and NYC's Schools

It's well known that wealthy kids outperform poor kids in school, but now the rich are also pulling away from middle-class students. Why? And is class or race the key factor in how NYC school kids perform?

The Next 'Education Mayor?' De Blasio Vs. Lhota on Schools

Sizing up what each man has in mind for New York's 1 million public-school students—and, through our totally unscientific street-corner poll, what New York voters think of the candidates' plans.

The 2013 Primary Candidates on Education

To date, the New York City mayoral hopefuls have been far more critical than constructive on education. But they are starting to air their own views on an increasing number of educational issues.

Central Brooklyn Parents Face School Choices, Disparities

In community school district 17, school closures, charter schools and tough discipline aren't just grounds for debate: They're the reality that face parents advocating for their children.

Graduation Day: Bloomberg's Babies Grow Up

In the final installment of our Class of 2013 series, we watch the seniors we've met this year as they leave New York City public schools for the big, "real" world.

New Charter High School Will Be Closed to Transfer Students

The DOE is planting seeds for charters to expand in city schools even after Mayor Bloomberg leaves office. But some of the new resources will only be open to those who won charter lotteries in the early grades.

Library Vital to Immigrants Squeezed by City Budget

The small McKinley Park branch in Dyker Heights bustles with immigrants but struggles to meet demand after years of cuts to the library system.

Bid to Co-Locate Bushwick Schools Attracts Little Attention

Proposals to put charters in existing school buildings often stir outrage. While teachers are worried about two such moves in Bushwick, few parents attended the public hearings.

Critics: CUNY Rushing Medgar Evers Search

William Pollard's resignation hasn't quelled controversy at the Crown Heights school, where some believe the search for a new leader has moved too quickly.

DOE Head Says Funding Discrepancies Overblown

Meeting with parents in East New York, Chancellor Walcott said that while the state was still shortchanging the city, inequities in city funding have been resolved.

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Testing and Other Reforms Squeeze Schools Arts - Jarrett Murphy

A report by the city comptroller finds steep disparities in arts education throughout the DOE. A City Limits investigation last year reported that many aspects of education reform worked to squeeze out the arts.

Library Budget Hearing, Beyond the Galante Controversy - Jarrett Murphy

Read key briefing material on the financial situation confronting the city's research and branch libraries.

City Libraries Target Jailed Readers - Jarrett Murphy

The man in charge of the Brooklyn Library's correctional services talks about the challenges of providing books to an incarcerated customer base.

Should NYC's Libraries Spend More On Books? - Jarrett Murphy

A look at how the New York, Queens and Brooklyn systems compare to other major library networks.

Tech Schools Offer Chance to Boost Graduation: Report - Jarrett Murphy

The biggest problem with the city's Career and Technical Education schools, finds a new report, is that there are too few of them.

Libraries Look to Life Beyond the Budget Dance - Jarrett Murphy

A baselined budget doesn't mean there aren't big challenges for the city's three systems.

Geoffrey Canada, Frequent City Limits Subject, Stepping Down - Jarrett Murphy

The Harlem Children's Zone CEO both wrote and starred in articles in our magazine, including a 2010 report that examined the accomplishments of the HCZ effort.

Your Turn: The Top 25 Books that Changed History - Jarrett Murphy

Tell us what you think of this list of earth-shattering titles.

Stringer to Audit City's Libraries - Jarrett Murphy

In the wake of reports about questionable spending in the Queens system, the comptroller said he wants to check the books of all three library networks.

Queens BP Wants Council Inquiry on Library Spending - Jarrett Murphy

Amid reports about big spending on salary and offices for the system's top exec, Melinda Katz endorsed calls for a Council probe and promised to do some digging of her own.

How's Your Local Library? - Jarrett Murphy

Tell us about the branch you use, or why you don't use it. And download an easy-to-read version of our report on the serious challenges facing New York's libraries.

A Reading List for De Blasio's New Schools Chancellor - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits' award-winning education coverage touches on some of the key issues Carmen Farina will face.

How Should de Blasio Continue the Young Men's Initiative? - Jarrett Murphy

We've had our turn. Now it's yours. What do you think Mayor-elect de Blasio should do to continue, strengthen (or terminate, if that's your angle) the Young Men's Initiative?

Update: Contractor Linked To Past Scandal Nears $100M Deal - Jarrett Murphy

The New York Post follows up on a story we ran last year about the lucrative world of school food contracting.

City Wants to Shrink Four Zoned High Schools - Helen Zelon

By limiting enrollment—and therefore eliminating the schools' commitment to accept all neighborhood kids who wanted to come—DOE says it will improve students' options.

Watch Our Filmstrip: Bloomberg and the Schools - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits offers its take on the mayor's complex education legacy in this homage to the old-fashioned school filmstrip—complete with corny narration and, yes, the beep.

Retiring CUNY Head to Be Paid for Six More Years - Jarrett Murphy

Outgoing Chancellor Matthew Goldstein's contract entitled him to a year of "study leave" at his current salary. He'll be Chancellor Emeritus for five additional years.

Report On Troubled High School Wins Award - Jarrett Murphy

The Brooklyn Bureau's 2012 report on the problems facing John Dewey High won top honors in a national competition among education reporters.

Beyond Elites, College Readiness Is Low - Helen Zelon

In his annual address, Mayor Bloomberg touted increased college readiness in the city's high schools. But more than half the students deemed college ready attend New York's top-ranked facilities.

City Limits Magazines’ Archive Now All Digital, Accessible - City Limits

With a grant from the New York Community Trust, our 36-year archive is now digital (and fully accessible for free) online.



The Twists and Turns of Green-Wood

Saturday, April 19, 2014
1:00p - 3:00p

Orvis Offers Free Fly Fishing Lessons in NYC

Saturday, April 19, 2014
10:00a - 12:00p

Photoshop Course

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Libraries and City Schools Need a Closer Partnership

By Tricia Davies

Libraries and City Schools Need a Closer Partnership

The author suggests that underutilized hours at branch libraries overlap with times when neighborhood schools could use more and better-equipped space.

Is Teacher Training the Answer to Failing Schools?

By Sean Lords

Is Teacher Training the Answer to Failing Schools?

Pundits say more teaching training is what's needed to improve America's schools. But what does good teacher training look like? And is it the way to address obstacles—like, say, poverty—that impede some students?

Can School Reform be Reformed?

By Basil Smikle, Jr.

If mayoral candidates promising a change in school policy are short on specifics, that might be because reversing the Bloomberg reforms will be require a delicate touch.

DOE: Our Tech Schools Are a National Model

By Josh Thomases

The Bloomberg administration responds to our reporting on its efforts to reform career and technical high schools.

What Does the City's Recovery Need? More Libraries

By David Giles

What Does the City's Recovery Need? More Libraries

Libraries perform a critical role in workforce development for low-income New Yorkers. But budget cuts have so curtailed service that Detroit's libraries are now open more than New York's.



Gun Manufactured or Imported for Domestic Sale

Gun Manufactured or Imported for Domestic Sale. Research assistance for this project was provided by Arielle Concilio.

The Great New York Giveaway

The city's zoning laws still bend and stretch to meet the needs of developers