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News: Tremont
Alice Proujansky/City Limits

For Sunset Park, Proposed BRT Routes Could Help Foster Jobs

After a campaign pledge by Mayor de Blasio, a report suggests eight new bus routes around the city that would help fulfill it.

City, AIDS Activists Clash Over Fees

Advocates say a Bloomberg administration reduction of brokers' fees paid under an HIV/AIDS housing program has made life harder for HIV-positive clients.

Bloomberg Housing Plan Hits Milestones, Obstacles

The mayor's ambitious affordable housing initiative is three-quarters to completion. But reshaped by fiscal woes, complicated by other city policies and often outgunned by the private market, what will the plan's long-term impact be?

One Woman's Plan to Beat Poverty

Beverly Davis has a full-time job, a family she supports and a college course to complete. She has plans to become a police officer. Public benefits are essential to her move from low-wage work to economic independence.

Homelessness Strikes More NYC Children

The recession pushed an alarming number of New York City families into homelessness in 2009, according to a new report.

HPD: Prevent Cycle Of Foreclosure & Displacement

The city steps in, hoping to rescue 10 Bronx buildings laid low by overambitious investors, potentially establishing a model for rescuing others.

Bronx Activist Aims To Unseat Weakened Espada

An activist's bid to unseat State Sen. Pedro Espada may have just gotten a boost, but still faces plenty of challenges.

Census Worry: Whither Williamsburg?

In a last effort to get more New Yorkers to return their Census forms, City Hall is outing the neighborhoods with the lowest response rates.

A Cop's Death Accelerates the City's War on Crack

On Feb. 26, 1988, members of a drug gang murdered a 22-year-old rookie police of?cer named Edward Byrne, who was sitting guard in a patrol car outside the home of a witness who had been threatened by the dealers' boys. After that, things were different.

Water Pressure Part I: The Pipe
Facing the challenge of New York's endless sewage spill

City Limits investigates the extensive problem of untreated wastewater and raw sewage in New York City waterways.

Redrawing the 421-A Formula
For Tax Breaks and Housing

Developers will still get tax breaks for building housing in NYC, but with more strings attached.

Tenants With Asthma
Fight to Breathe Easy

Tenants and organizers want home-based sources of asthma irritation - like roaches and mold - to be granted more enforcement power by the city.

New Activities Needed
For Thousands of Kids

More than 100 afterschool programs aren't funded for next year.

Cruel to be Kind

For two decades, the city housed any family that sought shelter. Now it says solving homelessness means turning some people away.

Making Rent

While Washington attacks vouchers aiding poor tenants, New York City is launching an ambitious--and expensive--new housing subsidy of its own.

Miracle on 33rd Street

This holiday season, more than 200,000 letters from poor New Yorkers will plead with Santa Claus for toys, clothes, even school supplies. But how many will get what they wish for? It all depends on how visitors to a post office charity program decide who's needy and who's merely nice.

City Lit: Bronx Tales

Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx by Adrian LeBlanc, reviewed by Clarence A. Haynes, and Doña Julia by Alberto Cappas, reviewed by Kenyon Farrow.

Tremont is a relatively low-income neighborhood located in the west Bronx. Social issues such as health disparities, high poverty and crime rates have affected the neighborhood's development in recent years.

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