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Gun Politics
News: Gun Politics

Planning a Defense for Violence on the Basketball Court

Detecting a spate of shootings associated with basketball games—often involving pre-existing beefs—organizers in Brooklyn are teaching kids and coaches to "hold the ball" when violence threatens.

Version of 'Occupy' Seeks to Deter Brooklyn Gun Violence

Activists in Bed-Stuy, Brownsville and other neighborhoods believe a few friendly faces on troubled corners can help stave off summer shootings.

Guns for Cash at Brooklyn Church

An operable handgun or assault rifle will net you $200 if you bring it—in a plastic bag—to a gun buyback event in Vinegar Hill this weekend.

Shedding Gun Stocks Would Be Complex

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, some are calling for the city's pension funds to shed their gun-industry stocks. That might be harder to do than it sounds.

NYC's Rules on Mental Illness and Guns

The shooting tragedy in Newtown has focused new attention on the issue of mental illness and guns. New York City and state have some of the toughest laws, but advocates still see flaws.

Assault Weapon? Sporting Rifle? A Big Seller by Any Name

If it sometimes seems that advocates and opponents of gun control are speaking different languages, it's because they are—at least when it comes to guns like the one used in Newtown.

Beyond the NRA: Pro-gun Groups Aren't in Lock-Step

Are you a liberal who likes guns? Or a conservative who feels the NRA shows too much willingness to compromise? Chances are there's a gun group out there for you.

Packing Heat: Meet a Concealed Carrier

More and more Americans are carrying concealed weapons, fueling a steep increase in sales of small—and increasingly powerful—handguns.

Gun Violence in the Birthplace of Gun Industry

Springfield, Mass. is where basketball was invented and Dr. Suess was born. It's also where one of America's largest gun-makers is located, and where gun violence is a growing concern.

Are New York City's Gun Laws the Next Target?

After two Supreme Court decisions clarifying the right to bear arms, many thought New York state and city gun restrictions would be the next target. So far, challenges have been few and unsuccessful.

A special investigative look at the effect of gun politics on the gun industry and policing in New York City

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Striking Disparities in Neighborhood Violence - Jarrett Murphy

Focusing on the rise in shootings citywide masks deep differences across precincts. Most have seen neither no increase or a decline in shooting victims.

Gun Violence in NYC: The Killer You Avoid Could Be Yourself - Jarrett Murphy

While New York's gun murder rate is lower than most big cities', it's our low firearm suicide rate that makes gun violence half as likely in the city than in the United States as a whole.

NYC Pensions Rethinking Guns; NRA Foresees Disaster - Jarrett Murphy

The city's largest retirement fund is looking at shedding gun stocks. The NRA, meanwhile, says the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy shows what a world without gun control.

Find the Gun Merchant Near You! - Jarrett Murphy

Use our database to learn more about the 1,875 federally licensed firearms dealers in New York State.

Read the NRA's Statement - Jarrett Murphy

The leading gun lobby group called for armed guards in every school in America.

NRA Breaks Silence After Newtown - Jarrett Murphy

The leading gun lobby group says it will hold a major press briefing later this week.

How the Gun Industry Got Rich Stoking Fear About Obama - Jarrett Murphy

This article is reported in collaboration with the Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund, which has also supported City Limits’s coverage of policing in New York.



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Australia's Gun-Control Lesson for NYers

By Gerard May

Australia's Gun-Control Lesson for NYers

Mass shootings are happening more often in the U.S., but tighter national gun control seems impossible to achieve. An Australian in New York recounts his country's response to a massacre.

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

By Caitlin Johnson

School Gun Violence Solutions from Kids

Conservatives want armed guards in the schools. Some liberals want to call in the National Guard if school violence threatens. What do those at risk—kids in school—say we should do after Newtown?



What proportion of suicides and homicides involve guns?

What proportion of suicides and homicides involve guns? Research assistance for this project was provided by Arielle Concilio.

Source of Crime Guns Recovered in New York State

Source of Crime Guns Recovered in New York State. Research assistance for this project was provided by Arielle Concilio.