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Mitt Romney
News: Mitt Romney

Brooklyn's Red Coast

In heavily Democratic Kings County, there's little suspense in the presidential race. But Mitt Romney's a heavy favorite in a few neighborhoods that favored GOP candidates in 2004 and 2008.

Foreclosure Crisis: Buzz Fades, Protests Continue

Four years after the housing crisis transformed the presidential race, it's barely mentioned on the campaign trail. But foreclosure is still an issue in New York, and some believe federally-chartered agencies can do more to help.

Will Cities Be Heard in Campaign 2012?

Great nations feature great cities. But American campaigns usually don't. Four years after voters elected a president who pledged to do more for cities, is that about to change?

Detroit: Beyond the Bailout, Immigration Is Key Issue

While many hands have shaped the good and bad of today's Detroit, the impact of current federal policy is easy to spot.

Housing 300 Million Well:
What Do Candidates Propose?

In New York City and around the country, citizens have plenty of housing concerns. What solutions are the presidential candidates offering?


Answers to city dwellers' questions may not be on the tips of would-be presidents' tongues, but then Iraq and terrorism have only sharpened an existing trend.