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David Dinkins
News: David Dinkins
Derrick Salters | Limits

The Murder That Changed New York City

Johnny Hincapie has done 20 years for his role in one of New York City's most infamous killings. Was he even there?

For Bloomberg, Race Questions Are New

Concerns about the racial contours of city hiring have resurrected issues that bedeviled past mayors, but over which Mayor Bloomberg has largely avoided confrontation.

A Tough Gang To Follow

As Harlem's older generation of leaders fades, black officials define new paths toward prominence.

Truth and Consequences:
Bloomberg and the Press

Elected after one of the city's most secretive mayors, Mike Bloomberg can't help but look transparent. But is city government under this executive really an open book?

More Than Words?
Bloomberg and Race

The mayor has earned admiration from many quarters for improving the tenor of race relations. But the impact of his policies on blacks and Latinos give fodder to fans and foes alike.

Boro Presidents' Fight
Extends Beyond Election

There's just one real contest in the races for borough president this fall, but next year could see a debate over whether the city still needs the post.

Hooked: Four decades of drug war in New York City: Marijuana

Excerpt from the latest issue of City Limits Investigates: Marijuana has gotten cheaper in New York in the past decade with an estimated 416,000 city residents smoking it.

A Cop's Death Accelerates the City's War on Crack

On Feb. 26, 1988, members of a drug gang murdered a 22-year-old rookie police of?cer named Edward Byrne, who was sitting guard in a patrol car outside the home of a witness who had been threatened by the dealers' boys. After that, things were different.

Today's Drug War: Marijuana and Mass Arrests

Despite the extraordinarily low crime levels and the near total absence of drugs from the city's public discourse these days, nearly a quarter of a million people in New York City have been arrested for drugs over the past two years.

Second In Command:
A Lawyer's Argument

In the final installment of our series on the race for public advocate, a look at civil liberties lawyer Norman Siegel's third run for the city's number-two post.

Second In Command:
The Veteran's Case

In his comeback run for public advocate, Mark Green is trading on his earlier stint in the post while acknowledging the city has changed. The fourth in a five-part series on the race for the Number Two spot in city government.

Second In Command:
The Tactitian's Run

Political veteran and two-term City Councilman Bill de Blasio has set his sights on becoming Public Advocate. The second in a five-part series on the race for the Number Two spot in city government.

Second In Command:
Gotbaum Looks Back

As candidates vie to replace Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, this article -- first in a series on the race for Number Two -- looks at the history and challenges of the office.

Business Backers Rally
Around Bloomberg Bid

Who are the financiers, developers and corporate titans lining up behind the mayor's move to revoke term limits?

Maybe Beloved Shops
Don't Have To Disappear

A range of ideas is proffered to stall the trend of older businesses' extinction - though it could be too late for one block in Chelsea.

Will The Real New York
Liberal Please Stand Up

Though flawed, this analysis of the last few decades' politics yields a needed recipe for change.

The Struggle To Landmark
African-American New York

African-Americans have been making history in New York for centuries, but you'd never know it from the roster of city landmarks and historic districts.

Vocational Education
Means Schools That Work

A report from the Center for an Urban Future finds that New York is neglecting the potential of career and technical high schools.

Today's Anti-Poverty Fight

The mayor's poverty-reduction initiative offers fresh thinking -- and small-scale tinkering. This synopsis of the new issue of CLI examines whether it will deliver promised results.

Housing 300 Million Well:
What Do Candidates Propose?

In New York City and around the country, citizens have plenty of housing concerns. What solutions are the presidential candidates offering?

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David Dinkins is a former New York City-politician and serveas as Mayor from 1990 to 1993. He was the first and is, to date, the only African American to hold that office.

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NYC's Comeback Was (Partly) Foreign-Made

By Greg David

NYC's Comeback Was (Partly) Foreign-Made

In an excerpt from his new book, noted business writer Greg David looks at the unheralded role immigrants played in fueling New York City's late-20th Century resurgence.

The Case For Cathie Black

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The Case For Cathie Black

Amid mounting criticism of Mayor Bloomberg's pick of Cathie Black to head the city's schools, three former mayors, a bevy of business leaders and the administration itself mount a defense.



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