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Hurricane Sandy
News: Hurricane Sandy

Report Sees Long-List of Post-Sandy Needs

A report from the Brooklyn Recovery Fund makes neighborhood-specific and borough-wide recommendations—both for action needed now, and for planning that's necessary before the next storm.

Homes, Firms and Psyches on Bk. Coast Show Sandy's Scars

In Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay, the storm's impact can still be seen in houses, apartments, storefronts and the people attempting to rebuild.

Red Hook Needs No Reminder of Sandy's Impact

At an event celebrating local businesses, there were signs of recovery and a reminders of fragility a year after the superstorm inundated the neighborhood, flooding stores and darkening public housing.

Many in Coney Island Still Feel Post-Storm Needs

The tourism attractions have come back strong, but some residents say they still have trouble getting basic needs met.

Report Will Present Sandy Lessons to Next Mayor

A year—almost to the minute—after a tropical storm named Sandy became a hurricane, Brooklyn officials and organizations launched an effort to take stock of where coastal recovery stands.

Hurricanes Shaped East River Waterfront Plan

There's no question that the Blueway Plan will provide that direct access to the water. What can't be known yet is whether it will also provide protection from it.

Red Cross Defends Sandy Record, Gives to Brooklyn Recovery

Under fire for slow spending of the millions it raised after the superstorm, the organization unveiled grants to rebuild places like Canarsie and Sheepshead Bay.

Report Sees Widespread Mold After Sandy

Community groups say a survey of households affected by the superstorm found that 60 percent report visible mold.

Deadline Nears For Superstorm Victims

Local centers for disaster aid will close on April 30.

40 Percent of Sheepshead Firms Still Shut Post-Sandy

And more might be closing as their owners struggle to pay back loans they had to take out to repair damage from the flood.

Canarsie Braces for Foreclosure Wave After Sandy

The neighborhood was a hotbed for defaults even before the superstorm's devastating flood. Now, advocates fear a flood of housing emergencies.

Undocumented Immigrants Still In Post-Storm Limbo

Plans for how the city will spend federal aid are taking shape. The governor is discussing a massive buyout program in coastal areas. But some victims of the storm are still stuck without basic help.

As Sandy Relief Efforts Fade, Crisis Far From Over

Worries about 40,000 displaced people have ebbed. But in buildings where garbage services are still scattered, or where mold remains a menace, the Sandy saga continues.

Five Brooklyn Pols Sue Over Sandy Food Stamps

They're asking a state judge to overturn the Bloomberg administration's decision to offer federal disaster food assistance in only 12 of the 82 ZIP codes affected by the hurricane.

A Q&A on Post-Sandy Aid

FEMA. Occupy. SBA. The Brooklyn Recovery Fund. Red Cross. Rapid Repairs. Here are some quick facts about ways to get help after Hurricane Sandy.

Post-Sandy Canarsie: Help & Hold-Ups

Some residents say they've gotten help from FEMA and the mayor's office. But others wonder why disaster food stamps and other aid haven't arrived.

After Sandy: Waiting—Together—-in Gerritsen Beach

Federal and city agencies are on the scene in the close-knit and severely damaged community. But residents say they're still frustrated with how long it's taking to get help.

Institutions Hit Hard in Manhattan Beach

Hurricane Sandy's impact is often understood through the lens of homeowners or renters. In places like Manhattan Beach, schools and religious institutions are also picking up the pieces.

Everything Flows to Sea Gate

The comfortable seaside community on the western end of Coney Island suffered a lot of damage in the storm—from water that rushed in, then lingered.

Church Sees Aid Demand Taper—to 1,000 Families a Day

The Coney Island Gospel Assembly has become a hub for families seeking food and other aid after Sandy, which forced supermarkets to close in an area that already had high poverty.

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In 2012, Hurricane Sandy made a direct hit on the New Jersey coastline. Its storm surge hit New York City, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city and causing massive destruction in the five boroughs.

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In Wheelchairs, They Marched to Stop Climate Change - Sarah Mortimer

The dangers associated with floodwaters and power outages that come with storms like Sandy are magnified when you use a wheelchair or breathe through a ventilator.

Report: NYCHA Needs to Gear Up for the Next Sandy - Jarrett Murphy

Better communication and more resilient power systems are necessary, says a new report.

The Letters: One Family After the Superstorm - Jarrett Murphy

A year ago, filmmaker Karla Ann Cote met John and Veronica Petersen amid the ruins of the their home on the south shore of Staten Island. A year later, she went back to see what life is like a year after Sandy.

Group Wants More in Mayor's Post-Sandy Plan - Jarrett Murphy

A coalition of community and labor groups responded to Mayor Bloomberg's infrastructure plan.

Rockaway Businesses Still Treading Water Post-Sandy - Jarrett Murphy

Some 60 percent were still closed four or five months after the storm, thanks to long-standing challenges of economics and geography that hampered an already difficult recovery.

A Grassroots Plan for Surviving Superstorms - Jarrett Murphy

A coalition of environmental and community groups has put together their wish-list for how New York City, the Empire and Garden states and the federal government should implement the lessons of Sandy.

Sandy Surge Covered A Sixth of the City - Jarrett Murphy

And it affected more renters than homeowners, and a disproportionately high number of low-income people.

Who Voted Against Sandy Funding? - Jarrett Murphy

One hundred seventy-nine Republicans and a lone Democrat did.

Reporter's Notebook: Red Hook - Candace Amos

Just minutes before we arrived, an elderly woman living on the second floor tumbled down the stairs, back first, after tripping over her cane while bringing groceries into her apartment.

City Closes Parks, Beaches Ahead of Storm - Jarrett Murphy

Not much rain is expected, but high winds will hit hurricane-weakened trees and push seawater toward areas eroded by Sandy.

Post-Sandy Housing Crisis: 4 Years Ago, NYC Asked 'What If?' - Jarrett Murphy

In 2008 the city solicited designs for temporary housing for 38,000 households uprooted from a coastal neighborhood by hurricane flooding. Now New York may confront a very similar, and very real, scenario.

Why NYC Is So Vulnerable to Hurricanes - Jarrett Murphy

When you think cities and hurricanes, Miami gets the college football team and New Orleans the mixed drink, but New York City is considered unusually vulnerable.



Breathe Deep NYC

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Homes Underwater: Forebearance Alternatives for Sandy-Affected Homeowners

A report by Franklin Romeo and Jennifer Ching of (Queens Legal Services and Legal Services NYC) explores foreclosure risks in neighborhoods hit hard by Sandy and finds that some of the steps taken by banks in the wake of the storm "[create] a situation where a homeowner is likely to fall into a mortgage delinquency."

Extreme Weather Events Cost Counties $1 Billion

67 percent of U.S. households were in counties hit by extreme weather events that cost over $1 billion in 2011-2012



Cleaning Up, Getting Work

Cleaning Up, Getting Work

Jobless Find Hope in Post-Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up

FEMA Who? Volunteers After Sandy

FEMA Who? Volunteers After Sandy

From Gerritsen to Coney, trusted local organizations and ad-hoc operations have stepped into a void left by overstretched city departments and low-profile federal agencies.