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Campaign 2013

Can Bill de Blasio Lead a Progressive Urban Surge?

The mayor has chalked up victories at home and rallied fellow mayors around an activist platform. Sure, this could be another false dawn for the hope of a new, national urban agenda. But maybe ...

Who Won Brooklyn's Campaign Money Race?

The votes are in. The inauguration looms. It's time to see who from Brooklyn gave, gathered and got the most in 2013 campaign contributions.

Update: Election Board Defends Poll-Site Notifications

Voters complained of not being informed that their voting site had changed. But the BOE says at least a few of the confused voters were told well in advance.

Hopes for De Blasio: High and Low, Specific vs. Sweeping

Bill de Blasio's promise of progress has raised expectations. In Brownsville on Election Day, voters' hopes ranged from a vague desire for change to specific, ambitious goals.

Bronx Voters Skip Ballot Questions in Big Numbers

One in three voters who cast a ballot in the mayoral race didn't weigh in on the ballot questions. In some cases, poll workers may have failed to remind voters to flip their ballots.

High Hopes for De Blasio from Bronx Muslims

Muslim voters in the Bronx were confident on Election Day that the Democrat will address issues of security, surveillance, and Islamic holidays

Losing an Election 195 to 1, But Ready to Run Again

You see their names on every ballot—candidates you've not heard of from parties you may not have known existed. They run facing certain defeat. Ever wonder why?

An Election Day Saga at P.S. 6

Self-interest and civic spirit, friendship and suspicion, crisis and calm—all were on display at one polling place during the long day that was Election 2013.

Campaign 2013, Seen from Brownsville

We wanted to hear a little of what people in one somewhat forgotten piece of Brooklyn thought about the candidates, the campaign and the city.

Poll Site Changes Cause Confusion in Brooklyn

More than a hundred election districts changed their polling place after the September primary, leading to confusion and frustration for voters who said they were not informed.

For Bronx-Based Mayoral Candidate, It Ain't Easy Being Green

Tony Gronowicz ran for mayor on the Green Party line knowing he would lose, but hoping to gather enough votes to force the major parties to pay attention.

Little Enthusiasm Among Young Bronx Voters

If the atmosphere at Hostos Community College is any indication, the buzz around the Obama campaign has been followed by a whisper shrouding the 2013 mayoral race.

If Bronx Voters Wrote the Victory Speech

They'd focus on ending stop-and-frisk. At least that's what one sampling of voters said into our Election Day microphone.

2013 Mayoral Race Continues Lonely Era for Bronx Republicans

Despite an 11-1 registration disadvantage, no local election wins since 2002 and a mayoral candidate trailing by double digits, some Bronx GOPers still have hope.

Senior Advocates Target Voters Despite Mayoral Polls

Surveys suggest there's little competition in the race for City Hall, but AARP believes the election is still a chance to educate Bronx voters about issues affecting older people.

Bronx Disabled Voters Mixed on Polling Machines

Some say elections workers aren't familiar enough with the devices to help the disabled mark their ballots. But others are pleased to have finally had a chance to vote privately.

Score the Final Mayoral Debate at Home

A guide to the soundbites we're likely to hear, the backstories we need to know and the snacks, drinks and music we'll require to get through the third de Blasio-Lhota faceoff.

One-time Council Hopeful Has $70K in War Chest

Ari Hoffnung ran a feisty race in 2005, then considered running in '09 and '13 but decided to sit both seasons out. He's not sure whether he'll use the money on a future campaign.

Personal Drive, PAC Money Fueled Pioneering Candidate

How a gay 25-year old named Ritchie Torres won a City Council race in New York's "Bible Belt"—and what it means that a real-estate PAC backed his quest.

The Questions Brownsville Would Ask at Tonight's Debate

If they got the mic, people in and around the Van Dyke Houses would ask about guns, jobs and senior centers.

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The Ultimate Campaign 2013 Keepsake! - Jarrett Murphy

This year's mayoral campaign was one for the books. So why not download a book about it?

A New App for a New Mayor - Jarrett Murphy

Is there a better way to prepare for the de Blasio administration than to download our new City Limits app? Why, yes! You could get a friend to do it too!

Crowdsourcing the De Blasio Transition - Jarrett Murphy

Over the next two weeks, on the web and around the city, citizens will get a chance to weigh in on how the city should change under the coming administration.

Tweeting You the Story of Election Day 2013 - Jarrett Murphy

City Limits will report on the final act of the citywide campaign, with a focus on Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Legal Immigrants to Vote Tuesday in ‘Mock Election’ - Rachel Bryson-Brockmann

The event is designed to raise awareness that almost 1 million legal residents in New York City are ineligible to vote because they are not citizens.

Prison Reformers Hope De Blasio Keeps Promises - Julia Alsop

His campaign platform embraces some of the policies they want for ex-offenders. But advocates were unable to meet face-to-face with the Democrat or his Republican opponent, Joe Lhota.

Election Watchdogs Eyeing the Fine Print - Rachael Levy

The Board of Elections says it had no choice but to print the city’s ballot in six-point font. But government reform groups anticipate the move will lead to problems at the polls.

Poll Sees Consensus on Next Mayor's Agenda - Jarrett Murphy

Rich and poor, red or blue, New Yorkers broadly agree on what the next mayor should emphasize and are generally willing to pay more taxes to support those programs, the survey says.

Six Council Races Will Be No Contest - Jarrett Murphy

A newly released final list of candidates for the general election shows that several Council members face no competition at all, while many more are against only third-party rivals.

Losing Mayoral Candidates Do Well Against the Spread - Jarrett Murphy

Will Bill de Blasio's huge, crazy, enormous, commanding lead over Joe Lhota hold up on Election Day? Will the polls themselves shape the outcome they're trying to predict?

Clock Ticking for Voter Registration in NYC - Jarrett Murphy

There are certainly downsides to being a registered voter. On the upside, there's the whole self-determination thing. Plus, the sticker.

De Blasio Stumped by Crime Wave. Wait, There's a Crime Wave? - Jarrett Murphy

A tabloid is taking the Democratic nominee to task for failing to offer a solution to an increase in shootings. But a stroll through the archives suggests recent crime spikes have come and gone.

Why's Everybody Hating on the Runoff? - Jarrett Murphy

Before peer pressure chases Bill Thompson from the race, a look at the logic and history behind runoffs.

Problems with the Voter List? - Jarrett Murphy

At one polling site, a lot of regular voters were forced to file affidavit ballots. Including yours truly.

Get Your Free Five-Borough Ballot E-Book - Jarrett Murphy

Coverage of the 2013 election through the eyes of people at a Tottenville bar, a Brownsville NYCHA development, an Upper West Side eatery, a block in Bayside and a Mott Haven restaurant.

A Very Focused Focus Group Weighs In on the Debate - Jarrett Murphy

The debate watch-party crowd was hardly a random sample. But their answers to our informal poll do tell us something about how a group of Bill de Blasio supporters feel about schools.



Risky Talking with Kimberle Williams Crenshaw and Eve Ensler

Friday, October 24, 2014
7:00p - 9:00p

The Board of Elections in the Digital Era

Monday, October 27, 2014
:p - 7:30p



De Blasio Must Get Youth Engaged in Civics

By Sarah Andes

De Blasio Must Get Youth Engaged in Civics

The mayor's progressive agenda will be incomplete unless he attacks the growing disengagement of New York's citizens—starting with these five steps to get young people excited about democracy.

The Art of Losing an Election

By Mark Winston Griffith

The Art of Losing an Election

Four years after coming close to upsetting an incumbent, what led a Brooklyn activist to stay on the sidelines? And what does that choice say about the risks and rewards of public life?

Next Mayor Must Embrace Philanthropy

By Marilyn Gelber

Next Mayor Must Embrace Philanthropy

Neither Joe Lhota nor Bill de Blasio will write the kind of personal checks that Mayor Bloomberg did. But that doesn't mean they can afford to ignore this important sector.

How the Media Lost the Race for Mayor

By Sal Albanese

How the Media Lost the Race for Mayor

Bill de Blasio won the Democratic primary. Sal Albanese did not. But thanks to poor coverage of the race, the former councilman argues, New York's voters are the real losers.

No Place to Live, But Still a Right to Vote

By Jeff Foreman

No Place to Live, But Still a Right to Vote

An effort to register homeless people for the 2013 election encountered dozens who thought they had lost their right to vote, and some who thought they'd lost it forever.



Falling Off The Fiscal Cliff

Race, Opportunity and Sequestration: This report examines ten marquee programs for Americans struggling to make it into the middle-class.