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Straphangers Speak
News: Straphangers Speak
Sophia Rosenbaum/City Limits

Love, Hate and Closing Doors: A Day in Subway Life

Straphangers still have plenty of gripes, but many passengers begrudgingly acknowledge how much they depend on the subway system. Call it a love-hate relationship.

Commuters Suggest New Routes for MTA

Straphangers have a lot of complaints, and some praise, for the city's subway system. Some also have some interesting ideas about how to improve life underground.

200 Hours a Year on the Subway: What To Do?

Every year, the average commuter spends what adds up to several days underground. Most riders have set habits for how they use that time.

Subway Safety Worries Evolve

Veteran riders say the fear of crime is far lower than it was in past decades. But recent deaths on the tracks have some commuters more wary about the platform edge.

Providing 5.3 million rides a day, the New York City subway system is a city underground. We sent a team of student reporters to ask commuters how they felt about schedules, crowds, crime and their fellow passengers—and how they spend the substantial part of their lives that they spend behind the closing doors.

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