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Beyond Promises: Bloomberg and Homelessness
News: Beyond Promises: Bloomberg and Homelessness
Adi Talwar/City Limits

Bloomberg's Homelessness Saga: Success. Failure. Now What?

The mayor aimed to significantly reduce the homeless shelter population. The opposite has happened. Now, there's a lot more blame to go around than ideas on what to do next.

A Brief History of Homelessness in New York

The homeless have always been with us. But somewhere along the way they changed from an isolated population of alcoholic men to a visible problem affecting families with children.

Bloomberg's Homeless Plan Was Incredibly Ambitious

Produced in close concert with advocates, the mayor's 2004 initiative aimed for a paradigm shift in how the city approached homelessness. And it aimed to achieve it in record time.

As Homeless Numbers Rose, Clashes Over Policies

The city and advocates argued over a series of issues. But they mostly joined forces to defend a crucial state program torpedoed by the state.

Debate Over Root of Shelter Surge, Mayor's Legacy

Some blame the collapse of a key housing program for high homeless numbers. Others say economic woes are still a factor.

In 2004, Mayor Bloomberg pledged a comprehensive effort to dramatically reduce homelessness in New York. Today, more people live in shelters than ever before. Figuring out the ways in which the plan succeeded and how it failed might be crucial to giving the next mayor a chance to move beyond the crisis. (At left, the PATH center in the Bronx, intake point for homeless family's seeking shelter.)

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What Should the Next Mayor Do About Homelessness? - Jarrett Murphy

Homeless policy has dogged the last four mayors of New York City. A recent panel looked at how the next mayor might turn the page.

Fewer Homeless on Streets, Lots More on Subways - Jarrett Murphy

The Department of Homeless Services announced a "decline of 28 percent across the five boroughs since 2005." That was the good news.



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City Must Take Fight Against Homelessness to Court

By Hannah Biskind

City Must Take Fight Against Homelessness to Court

The next mayor will inherit a substantial homelessness problem. He should prevent evictions by giving tenants representation in housing court.

City Must Show That Street Homeless Youth Count

By James Bolas

City Must Show That Street Homeless Youth Count

At the request of the federal government, the city's street homeless survey targeted young people this year. But advocates feel the results suggest a stronger tallying effort is needed next time.

Don't Forget Shelters' Role in Homelessness Crisis

By Hannah Biskind

Don't Forget Shelters' Role in Homelessness Crisis

Yes, solving the homelessness crisis will take more affordable housing and living-wage jobs. But it will also require a better shelter system.

All Hands on Deck for the Homeless

By Robert V. Hess

All Hands on Deck for the Homeless

The city's shelter system can't create the housing and jobs that would prevent homelessness. The next mayor must rally the agencies who can.



Hospitals In Manhattan

Medical facilities in Manhattan and their number of beds. Source: New York State Department of Health