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The First 100 Days
News: The First 100 Days Limits

De Blasio's First 100 Days: Our Coverage

Relive the first three months of the mayor's term, as reported by our Nation-City Limits blog.

A joint Nation-City Limits blog on the transition and first months of the de Blasio mayoralty.

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Breaking Down De Blasio's First Act - Jarrett Murphy

In the distance race that is a New York City mayoral administration, Bill de Blasio has moved beyond the starting-line cheers and into the long, grueling middle.

De Blasio Defines Governing Philosophy in 100th Day Speech - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor described a progressive ideal that, he promised, would encompass everything his administration does from Day 101 on.

Needed: A New Deal for City Housing Policy - Jarrett Murphy

The UPK battle is (for now) over, the 100th day is coming, and the question arises: What now for the first progressive mayor in a generation? The answer, in a word, is housing.

What Does the State Budget Mean for De Blasio? - Jarrett Murphy

The agreement between the legislature and the governor has big wins and painful losses for the mayor. Did he get what he needed?

NYPD Inspector General Named - Jarrett Murphy

A police oversight official from the nation's capital will be the NYPD's first IG.

FDNY Case: Mayor Again Shapes City By Ending Legal Fight - Jarrett Murphy

The settlement of the long-standing legal fight over discrimination by the FDNY is at least the fifth time the de Blasio administration has broken off Bloomberg-era legal fights.

Is de Blasio's Cabinet Dominated by Left-Wingers? - Jarrett Murphy

So say some analysts. The truth is more complicated.

City Council Weighs Rule Changes - Jarrett Murphy

The progressive wave that ushered in Bill de Blasio's election is also reshaping how the City Council operates—although a hearing this week revealed the nuances and complexities of tinkering with the rules.

De Blasio's Budget Talk Scorches Bloomberg - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor laid out a 2015 budget steeped in progressive policies, heavy on uncertainty and laced with criticism of his predecessor.

For New Planning Chief, Process as Important as Product - Jarrett Murphy

Carl Weisbrod will have huge influence over individual rezoning plans. But some planners want him to think more about the process the city uses to plot its future course.

De Blasio's State of the City: 'Despair Does Not Dissipate' - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's first annual address offered a few new policy pledges and a starker theme to his critique of income inequality.

First Lady Can Improve City Hall Transparency - Jarrett Murphy

Now that Chirlane McCray is chairing the Fund to Advance New York City, she'll be positioned to address some of the weaknesses in disclosure that affect it and other city-linked nonprofits.

De Blasio, One Month In - Jarrett Murphy

It's early, but here are five takeaways from the new mayor's first month in office.

Stop-and-Frisk, Already Dying, Gets Buried - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's move to settle a lawsuit over the NYPD practice closes one chapter in the history of the NYPD. The next one is now being written.

Can de Blasio Make the Rents Less Damn High? - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor's appointments to the Rent Guidelines Board will be critical to protecting nearly a million households.

History Informs Skepticism of Cuomo's Pre-K Plan - Jarrett Murphy

Gov. Cuomo is promising to provide Mayor de Blasio's UPK plan without a tax hike. Sixteen years ago, Albany promised to provide pre-K to every four-year-old in the state. It didn't deliver.

Sick Leave is Old Idea with Broad Reach - Jarrett Murphy

In an era when innovation has great currency in policy debates, the mayor's first big move on economic inequality was pretty old school: the notion that when you're sick, you can stay home and get better.

Changes Awaited On City's Surveillance Activities - Jarrett Murphy

The NYPD is no NSA, but the Bloomberg administration's intelligence gathering rankled many. How different will Mayor de Blasio's approach be?

Is De Blasio's Vision Zero Achievable? - Jarrett Murphy

The mayor is taking steps toward fulfilling a campaign promise to eliminate deaths on the road. How low can New York go?

The Remarkable Life of de Blasio's Dead on Arrival Tax Plan - Jarrett Murphy

Mayor de Blasio may still not get his tax on the rich to pay for pre-K and afterschool programs. But he's already a lot closer than most pundits thought he'd get.



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