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News: Arson
USFA/City Limits

City's Fire Investigation Bureau Stretched Thin

Since 2002, the city has cut the number of fire marshals by about half, though fire investigators have seen a 17 percent increase in cases sent to their desks.

Arson Investigation Techniques Catching Up with Science

Across the country, fire investigation has come a long way, but some investigators think it still has farther to go.

How New York City Beat Arson

The decline in arson in the city was as dramatic as—but less heralded than—the fall in murders and other crimes, perhaps because arson is a tougher crime to track.

A key factor in the city's history, but largely left out of today's discussions of crime, arson has seen a dramatic decline in New York. But changes in investigative techniques and cuts to the city's arson investigation unit raise questions about whether intentional fire-setting is as rare as the statistics suggest.

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