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News: Neighborhoods
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Hospitals Face Pressure, Six in Brooklyn Could Close

With 15 hospital closings in the past decade, and six more in Brooklyn on shaky ground, New York's healthcare system is caught between balancing the budget and providing the medicine people need.

Illegal Hotels Survive Crackdown, Some Say

Fifteen months after a move to strengthen enforcement against unauthorized rentals, the number of citations is up, but complaints continue. Some say the fines are too low. Others believe the law is unfair.

For Some Landlords, It's Not Easy Going Green

If New York is to meet PlanNYC's goals, apartment buildings must get greener. While property owners and tenants both benefit from more efficient systems, getting them up and running takes a different kind of green.

Can Private Advice Save A Threatened Public Realm?

From schools to public housing to hospitals that serve the poor, private firms are being brought in to rescue remnants of an earlier, more ambitious era of government.

Cuts Cripple Housing Assistance Network in Inwood, Washington Heights

Residents looking for help with housing disputes must line up as early as 3 a.m to get assistance from cash-strapped community organizations in particularly vulnerable northern Manhattan neighborhoods.

Foreclosure Crisis Fades to Black and Brown

The crisis in the national housing market has slipped from the front pages. But in New York's neighborhoods of color, the twin crises of foreclosures and joblessness are still big stories.

Obama Anti-Poverty Programs Begin to Take Shape

The president's neighborhood-based anti-poverty initiatives will soon move into a second stage. But in an era of budget-cutting, Promise Neighborhoods and Choice Neighborhoods face a steep political challenge.

Defeated In Court, Waste Station's Foes Take To The Streets

Opponents of a planned East 91st Street waste transfer station say the city should reconsider alternatives. But advocates from other neighborhoods believe the site is right for establishing a fairer sanitation system.

In Debate Over New Jail, City Says An Aim Is To Prevent Violence

Hoping to reduce fights, prevent suicide and help inmates avoid returning to jail, New York is changing the way it evaluates new prisoners—and building a new jail. Advocates are split on whether that will solve the problem.

Shopping For Change In Crown Heights

Like many Brooklyn neighborhoods, it is seeing a surge in new businesses and young residents. Do the doubts about gentrification run deeper there?

Bike Lane Battle: Role Of Senator's Wife, Ex-DOT Boss, Unclear

Iris Weinshall is not the only critic of the city's bike lane on Prospect Park West. She's just the only who used to build bike lanes and happens to be married to a U.S. senator.

Japan Tsunami, Katrina Memories Wash Into Waterfront Debate

A new city plan addressing competing claims on New York's coastline draws praise. But there's still plenty of debate over the details, especially over the risks that come with waterfront industry.

Census: Whites Decline In Bronx, Asians Soar In Brooklyn

The decennial Census finds that the Bronx grew twice as much as Brooklyn, that blacks fled Manhattan but arrived in Staten Island, and that New York City is smaller than we thought a year ago. But city officials are questioning the figures' accuracy.

Critics Of Homeless Program Fight To Save It

Advocates for the homeless have long criticized the Bloomberg administration's approach to getting people out of shelters. But with the state threatening to end funding for the program, most advocates have joined the city to oppose the cuts.

Lunch At Junior's: Reputation & Reality In Today’s Brooklyn

What does it mean to be "Brooklyn"—and how has that changed as the borough went from not to hot? Chapter one of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" visits a local icon to find some answers.

Living On The Edge: East New York & Bay Ridge Go Off Script

Chapter four of "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand" visits East New York, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst and other neighborhoods whose story over the past 20 years differs from the standard narrative of Brooklyn's growth.

Finding The Borough Behind The Brand: Brooklyn Today

From Neil Simon to Spike Lee and the Dodgers to Jay-Z, Brooklyn has long enjoyed an international reputation. The new issue of City Limits magazine looks at how that rep matches reality.

The Destination: The New History Of Brooklyn

In the final chapter of City Limits' "Brooklyn: The Borough Behind The Brand," a look at whether recent economic and demographic changes have altered the fundamental character of the place.

City Housing Commissioner To Depart

Raphael Cestero's departure comes as Mayor Bloomberg's affordable housing construction plan enters its final years.

Fact Checking The State Of The City

Mayor Bloomberg's annual address promised modest new initiatives and claimed major successes over the past year and his whole tenure.

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New York is a city stratified by the diversity of its many different neighborhoods, and our community coverage of different issues particular to neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs is a key part of City Limits’ mission. But while our coverage may focus on issues that seem endemic to one neighborhood in particular--like policing practices in Bedford-Stuyvesant or living wage battles in the Bronx--they also highlight community-oriented policies shaping the city at-large.

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