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Christine Quinn
News: Christine Quinn

Push to Diversify City Contracting Falls Short of Goals

Eight years after the Bloomberg administration began an effort to get minority- and women-owned firms a bigger share of city contracts, targets have not been met. Part 1 of a three-part series.

Minority Contractors Face Hurdles, Flaws in Law

In the city's effort to diversify city contracting, the administration is limited by procurement rules, MWBE firms by their small size and the law itself by the fuzzy process behind the goals it's set. Part II in our series.

NYC's MWBE Push: Cracking Down, Looking Ahead

As local law enforcement follows the feds' lead in going after city contractors that fake working with minority- and women-owned firms, the future of the MWBE program is in a new mayor's hands. Part III of our series.

MWBE Programs Face Court Scrutiny

Cities and states that want to diversify their contractor pool have to prove that genuine disparities exist. Part of our series on New York's M/WBE initiative.

Mott Haven Up For Grabs in Mayor's Race

If patrons of Camaguey restaurant are any indication, voters in Mott Haven are undecided about the mayor's race, but do know what they want in the next mayor: the good of Bloomberg without the bad.

Advocates: '12 Budget Dance Has Heavier Beat

Once again, they're rallying in Brooklyn (and elsewhere) against budget reductions from Washington and City Hall. But after years of austerity, advocates say the annual ritual of protests against proposed cuts has taken on a more urgent tone.

East Harlem: Of 500 Budget Ideas, a Few Survive

Delegates in Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's district had to get savvy about how to get the maximum out of their million. So they expanded the scope of potential projects and limited the number they'd consider.

Brooklyn Donors Favor de Blasio

Is it too early to be thinking about the 2013 municipal election? Of course! But that hasn’t stopped New York’s mayoral hopefuls from collecting half a million bucks in Brooklyn last year. Who got? Who gave?

Affordable Housing 'Maze' Confronts Would-Be Tenants

The city is in the midst of an historic plan to build affordable housing. But people who want to live in those low-income units face enormous difficulty finding and applying for government-subsidized apartments.

City Spent $1M on Report, Used Questionable Data

A study that says a proposed city living wage law would kill 13,000 jobs based its analysis on a state subsidy program that wouldn't actually be covered by the city measure.

Bloomberg Housing Plan Hits Milestones, Obstacles

The mayor's ambitious affordable housing initiative is three-quarters to completion. But reshaped by fiscal woes, complicated by other city policies and often outgunned by the private market, what will the plan's long-term impact be?

Budget Cut Avoided, But Children's Services Still Show Strain

There are reports that some parents are having trouble getting child welfare services because a botched contract award and budget threats last year led providers to scale back.

What Cuts Will Cost: Children's Learning, Parents' Work

As tabloids celebrate an on-time state budget, a look at what one budget cut at the city level will mean: fewer childcare slots, less school prep for kids and a tough choice for their working parents.

Living Wage Law The Next Council Battleground?

Following the defeat of paid sick leave, unions and business group prepare to face off over tying wages to city development subsidies.

No Vacancy: Why Empty Condos Aren't Becoming Affordable Housing

Boom-time overbuilding left thousands of units vacant. But a city program to convert them to affordable housing has found the market uncooperative.

Diagnosing A Defeat: Why The Sick Leave Bill Failed

A measure to ensure all workers have paid sick leave had enough votes to pass the City Council. So why did Speaker Quinn kill it?

The Strip

"If you're the manager of a chain, a clean sidewalk doesn't change the numbers on the register."

Student Safety Act Passes City Council

Third time’s the charm for the bill, which requires detailed reporting on school crime, arrests, suspensions and expulsions.

HPD Commish 'Shocked' At Buildings In Multimillion-Dollar Deal

The city is cracking down on the owners of Bronx properties at the center of citywide concerns about what will happen to apartment buildings scarred by foreclosure.

10 Foreclosed Buildings. One Mystery Buyer. $19M In Problems.

As an unnamed buyer closes in on 10 Bronx buildings that fell into foreclosure after an overleveraged private-equity deal, an assessment says they need at least $19 million in repairs.

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Democrat Christine C. Quinn was a City Councilmember from Manhattan and the first female and first gay person to serve as Council speaker. She ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2013.

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NYC Needs Paid Sick Days, Not Lame Excuses

By Apurva Mehrotra

NYC Needs Paid Sick Days, Not Lame Excuses

Thousands of New Yorkers face an impossible choice when they get sick: Go to work and get yourself and others sicker, or stay home and risk losing pay or your post.

Council Eyes Systemic Remedy for Housing Violations

By Edward Josephson

Council Eyes Systemic Remedy for Housing Violations

Tenants may for the first time experience a code enforcement system that rewards their organizing efforts with lasting improvements in their buildings and their lives.

About 421-A: Extreme Changes Will Slow Building, Progress

By By Shaun Donovan

About 421-A: Extreme Changes Will Slow Building, Progress

New York City's housing chief says 'mend it, don't end it.'



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Underground Justice

"Domestic violence groups create their own protection system for immigrants, far from cops and courts."